[IMTS Preview] Enhanced CNC Control from FANUC CNC America

[IMTS Preview] Enhanced CNC Control from FANUC CNC America


FANUC CNC America is presenting “innovative, yet cost-effective” new features and functionality for its powerful 0i-D and 0i-D Mate CNC Controls. The 0i-D features Nano CNC resolution for ultra-high precision measured in nanometers, and has an ultra compact design with high reliability — but limited cabling and easy maintenance. This CNC control is suitable for many machining applications and is available in both Milling (0i-MD) and Turning (0i-TD) versions, FANUC CNC America indicates.

IMTS 2010 will be the first Western Hemisphere appearance of FANUC CNC America as a single entity with FANUC Robotics. It is the exclusive provider of FANUC CNC systems and solutions in the Americas, with a one-stop shopping for CNC solutions, including control systems, engineering, parts, and repair and factory automation solutions.

The enhancements to the 0i-D include:
• Maximum total controlled axis increased to 8 axes (milling model) and 11 axes (turning model);
• Al Contour Control II (milling model) uses a state-of-the-art ultra high-speed processor allowing high-speed machining of complex free form parts that are programmed in continuous small block segments;
• Nano Smoothing (milling model) smooths surfaces by converting small block segment programs into smooth NURB surfaces in real time;
• Jerk Control (milling model) for smooth acceleration with less machine jerking;
• Enhanced Tool Management (milling & turning models); and,
• Retraction for Rigid Tapping (turning model) for cycle time reduction.

The Oi-Mate-D also has upgraded features including:
• 2 Max Spindles (turning model)
• Spindle Control with Servo Motor (turning model) for use with live tooling for turning centers
• Nano Interpolation
• Axis control by PMC allows for programmed axis by control MTD Logic
• Grinding Function for canned cycles
• NC Guide/NC Guide Pro provides useful graphical programming guidance for parts programming at the CNC controller.

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