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[IMTS Preview] Bohle Shows New Rotary Transfer Machine

[IMTS Preview] Bohle Shows New Rotary Transfer Machine

Rotary Transfer Machine

Bohle Machine Tools is introducing the Precitrame CNC Rotary Transfer Machine product line. The Swiss-built Precitrame includes up to (14) 6000-rpm spindles, an NC–controlled rotary table, and (14) 120-mm floating fixtures. Positioning accuracy of the fixture system is 5 m. All spindles include manual quick-connect clamping and/or coolant-through-spindle and may be configured for horizontal or vertical operation. Equipped with the Siemens 840D CNC, the multi-station machine with automated material handling is ideal for high production of precision parts.

In the machining sequence, parts are loaded and unloaded automatically. To assure accuracy, the part is clamped once at the first station and remains on the fixture through each station before it is released at the last station. Twelve CNC AC 3-axis modular machining units provide axis travel of mm (in): X =120 (4.724), Y =160 (6.299), and Z =130 (5.118). Tool holders are HSKC25. A Stubli poly-articulated 6-axis robot loads/unloads parts into and out of the machine.

Precitrame CNC rotary transfer product line advantages include: Turning and milling in a single clamping, parts complete in a single clamping, 5-side machining with 3, 4, or 5 axes interpolation, ID and OD turning, 15 stations modular, upwardly compatible concept with up to 62 numerical axes and more than 50 tools possible.
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