Gripper Compensation

Gripper Compensation

Schunk compensation units for robot grippers.
Schunk compensation units for robot grippers
Schunk compensation units for robot grippers.

Two new compensation units provide precise robot parthandling by compensating for deviations in X axes and Y axes. The AGE-F compensates for amounts up to 5 mm, and the AGE-E for amounts to 4 mm, along with angular deviations to 3.5 degrees.

AGE-Fs use spring force, with three different spring rates available for each of the four sizes of AGE-Fs. Spring rates can be pre-loaded to specific values via an adjustment screw.

Equipped with cross roller guides, AGE-Fs operate purely mechanically, without any pneumatic elements, for smooth running, lower susceptibility to wear and longer life. In addition, they are designed to mount directly to PGN+ and PZN+ grippers and have robot ISO flanges on opposite mounting surfaces.

Schunk’s AGE-E compensation units use elastomer pads, and optional pneumatic centering locks hold the units rigidly on center when needed. AGE-Es are available for direct mounting to PGN+, PZN+, JGP and JGZ grippers from sizes 50 to 200. Depending on gripper used, maximum handling weights for the units range up to 24 kg.

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