Compact Grippers

Compact Grippers

Schunk Inc. ( said its new universal pneumatic parallel grippers excel in automated workpiecehandling applications where limited space is available and interfering contours must be avoided. The JGP grippers are designed as compact units for use in clean to slightly dirty environments.

The grippers are built with oval pistons, wedge-hook kinematics and sturdy T-slot guidance that allows them to grip with forces of 56.2 ft-lb to 537.3 ft-lb at weights of 0.6 lb to 7.3 lb, depending on size. Strokes range from 0.24 in. to 0.63 in. per finger.

The company recommends workpiece weights of 2.8 lb to 18.1 lb in standard cases, for example with purely metallic friction grip between the workpiece and gripper finger. If other materials or form-fit fingers are used, much heavier workpieces can also be moved without difficulty.

An extensive range of accessories is available for the JGP, including pressure maintenance valves, finger blanks and fittings as well as a quick-change jaw system. Magnetic switches or inductive proximity switches perform position monitoring.

Additional sensors also enable the incorporation of measuring system functions, for example with the FMS forcemeasuring system, the FPS flexible position sensor, or the extremely accurate APS analog position sensor. As a result, the JGP can work in complex assembly tasks that require precise positioning at a defined force.

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