Barfeeder Side-By-Side

Barfeeder Side-By-Side

Iemca Boss 338 FMB Turbo
Iemca Boss 338
FMB Turbo

Shops that work with fixedheadstock turning machines increasingly are migrating toward multi-axis turning operations that use Swiss-type sliding-headstock machines. They are doing so to meet the growing demand for larger volumes of smaller parts coming from such industries as connectors and fittings, medical and aerospace.

Shops automate Swiss-style machines by adding barfeeders, and the type and size of the barfeeder must match the application.

Company / machine model Bucci Industries USA Iemca Boss 338
Maximum bar diameter 38 mm
Diameter changeovers Automatic, guide channels
Diameter changeover time Between 5 min. and 20 min.
Headstock synchronization Mechanical
Bar support Hydrodynamic
Intuitive, menu-driven pendant control Yes
Interchangeable channel sets (with other models) Yes
Multiple stock shape capability Yes, square and hex

The most common match for Swiss-style machines are 12-ft slidingheadstock magazine barfeeders that have maximum bar capacities of 20 mm, 32 mm, or larger.

When considering a sliding-headstock barfeeder, shops should familiarize themselves with a few key barfeeder functions and how the different brands address them. These include bar diameter changeover, headstock synchronization, and bar support.

Hydrobar Express 220 CAV20
Hydrobar Express 220

Bar diameter changeovers should require as little time as possible whether they are done automatically or manually. To change diameters, most barfeeders use either blocks or channel-based systems, and shops must choose the one that makes operations easiest for them.

Swiss-style machine headstock travel rates continue to get faster, and barfeeders must be able to keep up, so synchronizing feeders with machine headstocks is more critical than ever. Some brands of barfeeders synchronize electronically with servo drives, while others use clutch mechanisms to accomplish the task mechanically.

Edge Technologies FMB urbo LNS America Hydrobar Express 220 Marubeni Citizen-Cincom CAV20
3 mm to 38 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Manual, channel sets Automatic, guide channels Manual, channel based (below 0.187 dia.)
2 min. within channel, 15 min. for channel change 2-min. partial, 8-min. complete 5 min.
Electro-mechanical Electronic, servo drives Electronic (super imposed with headstock)
Hydrodynamic Hydrodynamic Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes, any profiled material Yes Yes

A barfeeder’s bar-support system is important because of high spindle speeds, and support systems typically use hydrostatic, hydrodynamic or roller mechanisms.

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