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Bar Pullers Feed Automation

Bar Pullers Feed Automation

Bar Pullers

CNC bar pullers automate any CNC lathe or turning center easily and inexpensively. Bar pullers allow machines to run unattended, freeing up operators to handle other tasks.

Royal CNC bar pullers from Royal Products, a supplier of metalworking accessories, cost about $600 versus the $10,000 to $30,000 for a bar feeder. The company’s bar pullers are easy to set up and require no electrical interface with the machine tool control. In addition, they don’t take up valuable shop floor space and can be moved from machine to machine as jobs require.

Shank sizes are available square 0.750 in. and 1.00 in. or round from 1.00 in. to 1.500-in. diameters. Gripping range is from 0.125 in. to 6.500 in., depending on the model.

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