Ballscrews for compact applications

Ballscrews for compact applications

Ball Screw Assemblies

Small Diameter Ball Screw Assemblies (SD Ball Screw) from Nook Industries are a direct response to a growing worldwide shift toward smaller packaged applications. SD Ball Screws are used in robots, medical equipment, guided missiles, unmanned vehicles and in aerospace applications.

Nook offers its SD Ball Screw standard line in two versions, keyed and V-thread, for meeting specific application needs. Designed in metric dimensions, the ballscrews range in size from 6 mm in diameter to 12 mm in diameter, and the required size is determined by the needed load, capacity, speed, duty cycle and environment conditions specified by the customer.

While the ballscrews are offered as modified standard parts, Nook can customize the standard design to meet special material, end-machining and application specifications. The company also employs a rolled manufacturing process, which is more costefficient than cutting or grinding.

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