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Handheld CNC G-Code Programming

Jan. 22, 2014
Windows Mobile 6.1 OS Preconfigured CNC serial cable

RBR MACHINE TOOLS introduced the CncGcoder® HD-T package, designed to aid machine tool setup, maintenance, and programming personnel in their various functions, backing-up production information, and editing and transferring CNC machine tool G-Code programs.

RBR Machine Tools is a machinery distributor that specializes in sales of production and high-precision machinery for metal parts manufacturers.

The CncGcoder programming functions are configured in the “ultra rugged” Trimble® Nomad 900B handheld device, a package that meets IP68 specifications with Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader, VGA color touch-screen, 806 Mhz ARM CPU with 512-Meg internal flash storage, and high-capacity removable battery.

File storage and transfer support include SD and CF card slots, USB PC syncing, and Bluetooth wireless.

The preconfigured CNC serial cable is made with extreme-duty, durable industrial wire for reliable connections … “even after millions of bends and flexes,” according to the developer

From smaller job shops to the high-volume production lines, the CncGcoder HD-T is a productive tool for any size machining operation. The built-in Office and PDF support allows an operator/programmer to manage all of shop floor data including: G-Code files, process sheets, part prints, setup instructions, machine manuals, SPC data, tooling lists, and fixture photos. It saves time and money by reducing downtime and increasing productivity. You can spend more time using your machines than programming them.

The complete package includes the Trimble Nomad 900B handheld with the CncGcoder software preinstalled, extreme-duty RS-232 serial cable, battery and charger, USB sync cable, hand strap, and is backed by a full factory warranty and free tech support.

Current CncGcoder users can easily migrate their G-code data and machine settings to the new CncGcoder HD-T handheld.


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