SKF Multilog IMx units incorporate 16 32 or 64 analog signal inputs configurable for various sensors to ascertain acceleration velocity and displacement among other parameters

Next-Generation Machine Condition Monitoring

June 13, 2013
Managing continuous improvement, maintenance and quality control programs Simultaneous measurements of various operating parameters

Machine shops and other manufacturers are finding a new option for implementing continuous improvement programs – as well as maintenance and quality control. SKF USA introduced a series of on-line monitoring systems for range of machine condition monitoring applications. The “next generation” IMx on-line monitoring systems are programmable technologies that provide 24/7 monitoring, for simultaneous measurements of various operating parameters. They support efforts to improve machine reliability, availability, and performance. 

All IMx systems are engineered to detect faults early, integrate automatic recognition to correct existing or impending conditions, and contribute to condition-based maintenance program objectives, according to SKF.

In addition, IMx technology offers a way to convert and upgrade outdated systems and interface with compatible SKF @ptitude Analyst and Observer software to realize a highly comprehensive approach to condition monitoring.

IMx systems include units for demanding industrial environments, and models designed specifically for turbo machinery, wind turbine, vehicle, or railway applications, as well as portable versions for temporary installations and troubleshooting.

Depending on the model, SKF Multilog IMx units incorporate 16, 32, or 64 analog signal inputs configurable for a variety of sensors to ascertain acceleration, velocity, and displacement, among other parameters, such as acceleration enveloping.  Individual warning and alarm levels controlled by machine speed or load can be set for each measurement point and built-in auto-diagnosis can check all sensors, cabling, and electronics for any faults, signal interruption, shorts, or power failure and then automatically alert when problems are found.

IMx systems operate either on an existing LAN or WAN, and network with computers, printers, and servers, or over the Internet.

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