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Fastems Oy Ab is an open integrator of flexible automation systems that provides various extendable and flexible automation systems and robots including advanced MMS controls

IMTS 2012: New Flexible Pallet Container

Sept. 3, 2012
Flexible manufacturing system in a container’ “Open” automation systems for virtually any CNC machine

Fastems LLC’s newest “flexible pallet container” automation system will be in action for Kitamura Machinery (IMTS 2012 booth S-9148); Fastems range of FPC systems are an alternative to “pallet pool” technology and provide end users and machine tool builders with a complete FMS installed in a “container.”

The “FPC 3000” is Fastems newest edition to its line of entry-level FMS solutions and will be integrated with Kitamura’s new HX800iL horizontal machining center. The two companies are collaborating to introduce both the FPC and the horizontal machine, so that visitors can view a complete system in operation.

Fastems LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Finnish company Fastems Oy Ab, an open integrator of flexible automation systems. It provides various extendable and flexible automation systems and robots, including advanced MMS (manufacturing management system) controls, stacker cranes, conveyors, loading/unloading stations, pallet magazines and assembly organizers, and raw material stations.

These “open” automation systems can be incorporated with virtually any modern CNC machine tool and auxiliary equipment brands. Typical applications range from joining two machine tools together with a Flexible Palletized Container (FPC) to sophisticated, factory-wide flexible manufacturing systems.

The FPC 3000 is a single-level flexible manufacturing system specifically designed to handle 800-mm and 1,000-mm pallets. Fastems replaced the typical, crane-style pallet changer with a new, dual-rail guided pallet change vehicle that has a low-profile design. This system accommodates loads up to 3,000 kg, heights up to 1,800 mm and diameters up to 1,600 mm.

The standard FPC 3000 will be shown with one machine at IMTS with a load station and 6 pallet positions. However, the unit can be extended with up to 18 pallet positions and three identical machine tools.

The container FMS at IMTS will be directed by the latest Fastems Manufacturing Management System (MMS) Cell Controller. The Fastems MMS5 software can extend from a single manufacturing cell to a full-featured, shop-wide system integrated with other manufacturing plant software programs, such as ERP and MRP systems. It is also fully compatible with MT Connect.

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