Solenoid Valves Maintain Pressure for Very Long Periods

June 15, 2011
IDIs new zero-leak D03 Series valves single- or double-acting cylinders
Interface Devices’ D03 Series valves can be used with most hydraulic pumps without excessive energy consumption or heat generation.

Interface Devices Inc. has introduced a line of zero-leak solenoid actuated directional valves it indicated are “cost-effective solutions for reliable actuation” of single- or double-acting cylinders.

The D03 Series valves can be used with most hydraulic pumps to maintain pressure for very long periods without replenishing the pressure supply, preventing the hydraulic supply from consuming energy or generating heat.

These poppet-style 3- and 4-way directional control valves are solenoid actuated and are well suited for applications with pressures up to 5,000 psi (340 bar), where pressure and flow are intermittent. They are designed for mounting to an international standard valve subplate (D03, NG6, ISO 03), and their 1.93-inch (49 mm) width allows for mounting multiple valves on standard 2.0-inch (50.8 mm) centers.

The D03 Series valves are constructed from premium materials and components, including 7075-T651 extruded aluminum bar bodies and hardened and ground steel poppets and seats. O-ring seals and backup rings are polyurethane and PTFE. With a nominal flow rate of 3.0 gpm (11.4 lpm), these valves are compatible with most standard industrial grade hydraulic fluids and operate at temperatures from –65°to 225°F (-54°to 104°C).

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