Big, Big Payoff from Triangle Tools Expansion

March 1, 2010
Milwaukee shops new 5-axis machine and 100-t crane bring new work orders

The new Mecof machine allows table travels of more than 31 ft., spurring new business for large-scale components at Triangle Tool in Milwaukee.

Triangle Tool Corp. in Milwaukee completed a 18,000-ft2 expansion last summer, bringing total manufacturing space to 173,000 ft2. Now, expansion is continuing with the installation of a MECOF bridge-style, 5-axis machining center and a 100-ton overhead crane. Thanks to table travels of over 31 feet, Triangle Tool has been able to secure new machining work for large defense and aerospace components from OEMs in those market segments.

Triangle Tool specializes in specialty machining and large plastic molds, some weighing over 100,000 lb. There are more than 15 machines with 4 and 5-axis capability there, so Triangle Tool has versatility to machine complex, custom pieces and to build large molds.

Though large, the new MECOF machining center is the only first slated for the expanded shop floor, and gives Triangle Tool the ability to conduct high-speed, 5-axis machining in a bridge configuration. “Triangle Tool had perfected high-speed machining through our mold building business. We bought this machining knowing that our customers wanted faster machining with greater accuracy for their large pieces and the MECOF does just that,” explained sales manager Vic Baez.

He said Triangle Tool’s specialty machining has “really taken off” in spite of the manufacturing recession. “We were amazed at the response from companies all over North America once we started to open up machine time for custom machining. The response has been overwhelming and the markets have ranged from wind and defense to aerospace and mining.”

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