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Machine Tending, Collaboration, Mobility and More Robotics Developments

Aug. 24, 2022
Live demos will recreate real-world applications, with an emphasis on robotic machine tending and high-precision processing, and range of six-axis robots for applications in all manufacturing environments.

STÄUBLI ROBOTICS will exhibit advanced robots at IMTS 2022 – booth 236262 – to help manufacturers meet new challenges and changing market demands, including live demos recreating real-world applications in industrial manufacturing, with an emphasis on robotic machine tending.

While relatively new to factory floors, robotic machine tending offers solutions to age-old pressures to improve efficiency and productivity without compromising quality or safety. Stäubli will demonstrate its machine tending technologies using a stationary TX2-60 HE (Humid Environment) robot, capable of washing parts and tools, working in tandem with a HelMo mobile robot.

The TX2-60 will load and unload products, then inspect and mark them. As it carries out these tasks, the HelMo robot autonomously loads and unloads pallets of finished parts with accuracy in the range of tenths of a millimeter. With a CS9 controller, three laser scanners, a tactile enclosure and optional safe skin, HelMo is also a reliable cobot (collaborative robot) that works safely alongside humans while relieving them of repetitive and dangerous tasks.

Stäubli makes flexibility a cornerstone of product development, and its exhibit will include a high-precision laser cutting process with a TX2-160L HDP (High Dynamic Precision) robot, to demonstrate its path accuracy at various cutting speeds, high rigidity, and ability to access complex parts.

The TX2-160L HDP’s precision is repeatable across all trajectories and orientations, accommodating different shapes, contours, thicknesses, and other parameters. A versatile tool changer enables it to switch easily from cutting to inspection.

Stäubli’s TX2 range of six-axis industrial robots are suitable for applications in all manufacturing environments, thanks to unique features which include:

 Resistance to harsh environments with fully enclosed IP65 arm and IP67 wrist;

 Market-leading repeatability;

 Absolute-accuracy calibration for utmost precision with access to DH parameters (optional);

 Reach of 1710 mm;

 Nominal load capacities ranging from 2.3 kg to 40 kg;

 Easy integration into production cells and lines with various control options;

 Industry 4.0 compatibility (including OPC-UA server) with compact and powerful CS9 controller;

 Pioneering safety functions reaching SIL3-PLe level;

 Compact design, small footprint;

 Two mounting options: floor and ceiling.

All TX2 robots operate on the same smart CS9 control technology, making it easier to implement multi-robot solutions in digitally networked production environments.

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