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Kawasaki Robotics BX100N robot.

Smart Manufacturing Meets Human Ingenuity

Aug. 17, 2022
Robotics anchor a range of future-forward technologies that allow users to leverage AI and machine learning, and other technologies.

At IMTS 2022 KAWASAKI ROBOTICS – booth 236744 – will be showcasing technology that helps manufacturers build a strong, adaptable automation strategy. This includes supporting future-forward technologies such as AI and machine learning, which allow advanced users to leverage unlimited external computing power. It offers a range of robotic solutions for any type of user, whether they are investigating automation or looking to expand on their current robotic solution.

Reduce programming time by 70%: Kawasaki in partnership with Real Time Robotics (RTR) will display an interactive spot-welding application using two Kawasaki BX100N robots, top-of-the-line ARO 3G spot welding guns, and RTR’s innovative RapidPlan software. The spot-welding demo displays the power of Kawasaki robots’ through-arm design, open programming platform, and KRNX API plugin combined with Realtime Robotics’ innovative motion planning and collision avoidance software. Users are able to start, stop or reset all or any individual robots: modify target allocation; change target order; and add or remove existing targets to the robot sequence.  Thanks to Kawasaki’s hardware and RTR’s software, programming requirements can be shortened by weeks and manufacturing floorspace optimized.

The future of Smart machines:  By enabling real-time control, Kawasaki’s KRNX API plugin for advanced automation continuously updates joint angles on the robot, giving users full control of the robot’s motion and the ability to execute complex and irregular applications

Eliminate bin-picking tasks: Bin-picking processes are laborious, tiring, and even dangerous in some situations, and suited for automation, but can be challenging to automate due to factors such as shifting part locations and complex path calculations. Kawasaki’s bin-picking solution that can save users both time and money, using Canon’s optical processing technology and the new RS013N robot for picking and sorting random parts from a bin to a conveyor.

Flawless finishes: Kawasaki Robotics and Dürr Systems are teaming up to bring innovative, user-friendly automated paint solutions to general (non-automotive) industries. Experience Kawasaki’s KJ155 explosion-proof paint robot, equipped with a Dürr applicator, in a live paint simulation. Dürr and Kawasaki’s intensive paint experience and finishing expertise are reflected in this seamlessly integrated paint application.

Robotic machine tending: Kawasaki partner Melton Machine & Control Co. brings over 50 years of automation system build experience to its machine tending solutions, increasing system uptime and quality, reducing operation cost and maximizing throughput.

Improved part quality with adaptive welding: Kawasaki's arc welding robots paired with the proper software and adaptive welding sensors can improve part quality, enhance consistency and reduce downtime. At IMTS, a Kawasaki BA006L robot will use offline programming and seam tracking to simulate arc welding on a part manipulated by a Kawasaki MX700N positioner. In the same demo cell, a Kawasaki material handling robot will grind the weld seam using a part-to-tool process.

Get more info at www.kawasakirobotics.com

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