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Magnetic Gripper for Safe, Precise Cobot Applications

June 10, 2021
Out-of-the-box, magnetic gripper has programmable force features and comes with built-in grip and part detection sensors.

ONROBOT launched the MG10 out-of-the-box magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly, and machine tending, fully compatible with all major robot brands. The MG10 offers adjustable force and grip detection features that provide users with unprecedented levels of control.

“Standard magnetic grippers are a real hassle because almost every time your application or workpiece changes, you have to make manual adjustments to compensate for the gripper’s lack of functionality,” explained Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot. “OnRobot’s innovative MG10 gripper eliminates all that thanks to its adjustable force features that enable you to deploy precise material handling applications quickly and easily.”

Unlike standard magnetic grippers, the MG10 comes with built-in grip and sensors for part detection. If the robot loses power or has to make an e-stop while performing a task, these features ensure that there is no risk of dropping the part being handled.

The MG10 also provides precise and durable handling of objects with abrasive, uneven, or perforated surfaces, making it a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications in the manufacturing, automotive and aerospace sectors.

Also, the MG10’s multi-magnet setup ensures that this gripper can handle a wide range of sizes, weights, and parts with odd-shaped geometries.

There are many applications, such as multi-stage bending press tasks and handling parts with many holes, where vacuum and finger-type grippers simply do not have the intelligence and power to succeed.

“As the manufacturing sector moves toward low-volume/high-mix production, the ability to move quickly from one application setup to another quickly is more than a ‘nice to have.’ It’s essential,” Iversen said. “The MG10 is the only magnetic gripper on the market that’s sufficiently versatile, intelligent and so easy to use that it can be quickly redeployed on tasks from machine tending and palletizing to de-stacking of metal sheets –and all in one no fuss, no nonsense, plug and play package.” Learn more at https://onrobot.com/en