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Software Makes Robot Programming Easier Than Ever

March 18, 2021
Seamlessly integrating offline programming, simulation, and code generation, for quick, error-free robot programs, and rapid visualization of issues and opportunities to obtain optimal robot programs.

HYPERTHERM released Robotmaster Version 7.4 CAD/CAM, for seamlessly integrating offline programming, simulation, and code generation, delivering quick, error-free robot programs. Robotmaster gives rapid visualization of issues and opportunities to easily obtain optimal robot programs. Its full interactivity makes it the comprehensive tool to find the best solution, without point-by-point intervention, even through a narrow band of opportunity. Instead of the usual frustrating hit-and-miss approach, quickly create error-free programs, without possessing highly specialized robotic knowledge.

This newly released offline robot programming software version contains several enhancements designed to further simplify robotic programming, including:
 Major enhancements to Remote Tool Center Point (RTCP) that allow for an improved end-user experience and exploit the full capabilities of any robotic cell.
 Additions to the surface paths with added strategies and advanced tools for applications such as polishing, grinding, deburring and more. The surface paths are designed to tie-in perfectly with the enhancements to RTCP or traditional configurations for robotic finishing.
 Faster processing times when saving, loading, and calculating jobs, plus improved real-time feedback during simulation for faster part programming times.
 Enhancement to the Robotmaster Interactive Simulation Environment (RISE), delivering a more realistic simulation for external axes, along with tools to better control motion between the robot and external axes.
 Building upon the redesigned V7 architecture, first introduced in 2018, Robotmaster uses integrated CAD/CAM functionality to make robotic programming easy and intuitive for everyone, even first-time users.

The software is used by a wide range of industries to program robots for tasks that include surfacing, 3D milling, additive manufacturing, welding, painting, and more. Learn more at www.hypertherm.com

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