On Robot Eyes 1540

2.5D Vision Device for Robotic Arms

May 7, 2020
A machine-vision add-on device introduces depth perception and parts recognition for sorting and machine tending, without the typical complexity of vision systems.

ONROBOT has introduced an affordable, end-of-arm vision device for robotic arms, to allow units to pick up items not presented with consistent orientation, shape, or sizes. The Eyes establishes 2.5D vision, introducing depth perception and parts recognition for all leading robotic arms. It also offers seamless integration, one-picture calibration, and intuitive programming without the typical complexity of vision systems.

“A significant part of our customer base does not want to be tied to a fixed incoming position of a product they want to pick,” according to OnRobot CEO Enrico Krog Iversen. “They would love to eliminate complicated, bulky, and expensive part feeders and fixtures to achieve this, but until now, vision systems have felt out-of-reach. Our new Eyes vision system changes all that.”

Eyes requires just a single image for calibration and part recognition, and has automatic focus to work at different distances within the same application.

Eyes is recommended for sorting a wide variety of objects, or for CNC machine tending with metal parts that are defined by outer shape, as well as many other pick-and-place applications where orientation is important.

Eyes also offers depth perception within its affordable and easy-to-deploy 2.5D vision.

“2.5D is rapidly emerging as the perfect technology for vision-guided applications,” said Iversen. “Compared to 2D it adds not only length and width but also height information for the specific part, which is ideal when objects may vary in height or if objects must be stacked.”

Eyes can be mounted on the robot wrist or externally, and integrates seamlessly with collaborative and light industrial robot arms through OnRobot’s One System Solution, a unified mechanical and communications interface based on the company’s Quick Changer, now an integrated part of all OnRobot products.

The optimal mounting depends on the application. Among the advantages of external mounting is not having to worry about cables running alongside the robot, and the ability to optimize cycle time, as Eyes can take the picture and process this, while the robot is doing another operation.

The new vision system directly interfaces with other OnRobot devices, so it is easy to use it together with any of OnRobot’s grippers. With a dual setup, using a dual Quick Changer, the gripper’s tool center point (TCP) can be automatically configured by Eyes, eliminating any potential conflict between different software packages from different tool vendors.

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