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IMTS 2012: GF AgieCharmilles to Introduce Milling, EDM Innovations

July 3, 2012
GF AgieCharmilles will use the MIKRON HPM 450U to demonstrate its advancements in high-performance milling.
GF AgieCharmilles will use the MIKRON HPM 450U to demonstrate its advancements in high-performance milling.
GF AgieCharmilles will demonstrate how its new DRILL 300 hole-drilling EDM effectively machines holes in various diameters and workpiece materials.

GF AgieCharmilles reports it will demonstrate innovations in high-performance and high-speed milling at IMTS 2012, including a new high-efficient machining technology, as well as new advancements in wire and die-sinking EDM. Visitors to the exhibit (booth S-8754) will see several milling solutions in action, including the MIKRON HPM 450U with a pallet changer, MIKRON HPM 1350U with a Siemens CNC and MIKRON HSM 400U LP with a pallet changer.

Also a variety of wire and die-sinking EDM capabilities will be demonstrated, including the CUT 2000 AWC with an automatic wire changer and DRILL 300. And, GF AgieCharmille will present details of its UPTIME+ service and support program that leverages the competitive advantages of the company’s advanced product portfolio through applications expertise, comprehensive training, technical assistance, preventive maintenance, world-class warranty coverage as well as parts and consumables.

High-performance and high-speed milling — For both micro and macro machining applications, the HPM 450U is a high-performance milling solution that boasts a new torque rotary/tilt table for unencumbered, interference-free five-axis machining and offers highly efficient spindle options. It is also a powerful solution for universal, automated production as it perfectly combines dynamics and stability. It easily adapts to suit a variety of customer requirements, offering impressive machining from simple drilling to complex five-sided and simultaneous five-axis machining processes. The HPM 1350U, available with a Siemens or Heidenhain CNC, is a high-performance milling solution that offers simultaneous five-axis machining, while also providing dynamic performance and high precision. By featuring linear motor technology for the rotary axis, the HPM 1350U can produce large axis movements with unrestricted access, making it well suited for heavy cutting and precise machining within the energy industry. Built with a versatile milling tilt head and a 43.42-in. diameter rotary table, the HPM 1350U handles loads up to 3,306.9 lbs. with a rotational speed up to 40 rpm.

For processing aerospace parts, the HSM 400U LP provides five-axis simultaneous high-speed machining and delivers powerful performance and accuracy on all axes. The machine achieves speeds up to 250 rpm on the rotational axis and up to 150 rpm on the swivel axis, with a B-axis swivel range of 220 degrees. The HSM 400U LP also uses a liquid cooled, linear direct drive motor technology to allow for short setting times and high dynamic rigidity of the attitude control. With powerful vector spindles available at 30,000, 42,000 or 54,000 rpm, the HSM 400U LP also provides excellent surface finish and part detail, while significantly reducing machining time for semi-finishing and finishing operations. The compact pallet changer automation option and up to 220 tools offer a production powerhouse solution.

Wire and die-sinking EDM —The CUT 2000 AWC with an automatic wire changer allows operators to switch easily between different wire diameter sizes and types, optimizing both roughing and finishing operations and reducing production costs. The CUT 2000 AWC employs universal wire guide system, enabling it to accommodate wires from 0.010 in. down to 0.002 in. for micro-machining and super-precision applications. The automatic wire thread and re-thread capabilities of the machine also facilitates unmanned, lights-out production, and the Vision 5 numerical control on the CUT 2000 AWC allows for quick, easy organization and management of multiple unattended jobs.

The DRILL 300 effectively machines holes in various diameters and workpiece materials, as well as brings high levels of flexibility to mass production environments. It employs electrodes ranging from 0.012 to 0.12 in. in diameter and incorporates several advanced technologies to precisely machine tough materials, including Inconel, titanium, steel, and carbide. The machine has an ample Z-axis travel of 17.72” to maximize autonomy and a ± 45° tilting head to drill angled holes. Furthermore, the DRILL 300’s six-axis configuration makes it possible to drill round and shaped cooling holes in aerospace blades and vanes, while its indexing table also allows for the production of holes in a circular pattern.