Teledyne Awarded $11 Million in Hydrogen Generator Orders

June 19, 2007

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated ( announced that its subsidiary Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. recently secured $11 million in orders for commercial hydrogen generator systems. The hydrogen generators, which will be used to support several electric power plant construction projects and steel processing plant expansions, are scheduled for delivery in 2007 and 2008.

Hydrogen, a common industrial gas, is used in many industrial processes, including cooling electric windings in power generation equipment that produce electricity and the processing of certain grades of steel. Teledyne will supply engineering support, the hydrogen generators and auxiliary equipment. The contracts call for complete on-site hydrogen production systems to support both new and expanding plant operations throughout the world.

“These awards solidify Teledyne as the vendor of choice for commercial hydrogen generators used in industrial plant installations around the world,” said Robert Mehrabian, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Teledyne Technologies. “Our demonstrated reliability and continued focus on customer service and support have helped drive our recent growth in the on-site hydrogen generation market.”

Teledyne Titan Hydrogen generators provide on-site production of hydrogen gas from water using electrolysis to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Titan Hydrogen generators are used in many industrial applications including semiconductor production, float glass production and steel production and processing. When coupled with renewable electricity, electrolysis is a completely renewable means to producing hydrogen with no greenhouse gas emissions.

Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. ( is a global provider of on-site gas and power generation systems based on proprietary fuel cell, electrolysis and thermoelectric technologies. In addition, TESI provides products that support these technologies including fuel cell testing, vehicle refueling systems, PEM fuel cell components, and thermoelectric materials. TESI is recognized for product lines that are reliable, simple to install and easy to use.