Continental Alloys & Services acquires Singapore oil businesses

May 3, 2007

Huston-based Continental Alloys & Services (formerly Continental Casing Ltd.) ( has acquired Alloy & Oilfield Ptd. Ltd. (formerly Alloy & Oilfield Machining Pte. Ltd.) and Oilfield Machining Services Pte. Ltd., of Singapore.

Acquiring these businesses is an ongoing part of Continental’s strategic development to build more value-added operations and provide better support to customers on a worldwide basis.

“This acquisition further enhances our distribution and skilled manufacturing services, enabling us to provide products and services to our customers in this part of the world,” said Dan Benditz, Continental Alloys chief executive officer.

Continental Alloys & Services is a materials management company focused in the distribution of pipe, tube, bar and the manufacturing of various tools designed for global energy service groups’ well-completion programs. It has facilities in the U.S., UK and Canada and offers a variety of metal products across various high-quality base metal grades along with semi-finished and finished products and tools. The company also provides value-added services such as machining, threading, heat treating and custom pipe coatings.