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OEM News 03/25/2008

March 25, 2008
March 25, 2008         Welcome To OEM News!   American Machinist has launched an innovative newsletter ...

March 25, 2008

Welcome To OEM News!

American Machinist has launched an innovative newsletter that is designed to give our readers a focused view of what the largest manufacturers in the United States are doing, and alert you to programs, projects and issues that you might participate in or need to be aware of for the continued health of your business.

As a subscriber to American Machinist, we're giving you a 2-week trial subscription to this fresh look at U.S. manufacturing: OEM News.

AM OEM News assembles the communications issued by OEMs, sifts through them, and delivers them to your computer so you'll know what's happening in your market and related industries.

These communications include news stories, of course, but also encompass media alerts, press releases, webcasts, web seminars, and other forms of electronic communication that OEMS across the nation use to talk about their manufacturing agendas and ventures.

This newsletter comes to you free of charge, and it is up to you to determine whether you want to continue to receive it. So, we’ll send it to you for two weeks then, after April 3rd, you have to opt in to continue to get it.

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WOW Project #102 Exact JobBOSS Empowers General Metal Works Issue: Sales are declining and competitors are cutting into our business.

Vision: Implement lean and invest in cuttingedge machines and technology to reposition the company.

Results: Sales volume doubled, finished goods inventory was reduced 800%, lead times and set up times were cut in half, achieved ISO certification.


BorgWarner To Build 24th Production Plant In Europe

BorgWarner broke ground for a new production facility in Rzeszow, Poland, where it plans to
produce an initial 500,000 turbochargers for European car makers beginning in 2009, with expansion in the next two years to produce up to two million units.

The location in southeast Poland offers economic advantages and allows BorgWarner to serve vehicle manufacturers in both Western and Eastern Europe. The 54,000-square-foot (5,000-square-meter) operation is expected to create about 200 jobs.
Read More

Lockheed Martin Gets $24 Million Contract For ICBM Re-Entry System Upgrade

Lockheed Martin said it has received a $23.9 million contract modification from Northrop Grumman Corporation to provide hardware components for the next phase of full-rate production for the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Safety Enhanced Reentry Vehicle (SERV) program Read More

Toyota Executive Reviews 2007 And Looks Ahead to 2008

Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager for the Toyota and Scion brands for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., spoke March 19 at the Morgan Stanley Global Automotive Conference in New York. Carter provided details on 2007 and an outlook for 2008. A webcast of his remarks is available. Access Webcast

Northrop Grumman Wins U.S. Army Missile Interceptor System Prototype Contract

Northrop Grumman Corporation is one of two companies awarded a contract by the U.S. Army last month to design and demonstrate a prototype missile interceptor weapon system that will defend warfighters against rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM) threats. Read More

Honeywell To Provide Flight Management And AESS Systems For Airbus A350XWB

Honeywell that it has been selected to provide the Flight Management System (FMS) and the Aircraft Environment Surveillance System (AESS) for Airbus’s new long-range, wide-body A350XWB aircraft. The contract is expected to generate more than $1.5 billion (including aftermarket) in revenue for Honeywell over the life of the program. Read More

General Motors CEO Talks About Reducing Oil Consumption

Rick Wagoner, chairman and chief executive officer of General Motors Corp., reviewed GM's programs for advanced propulstion systems that would be a part of vehicles that use less gas and oil, and the company's plans to produce electric vehicles in remarks at the Geneva Auto Show. Access CEO Remarks

Goodyear Hosts 8th Engineering Career Day For Women

Continuing its educational commitment, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company will host its 8th Engineering Career Day for Young Women at the company’s Akron headquarters on April 19. Read More


3rd Annual Benchmarketing Survey

American Machinist is conducting its 3rd annual Benchmarking Survey, providing the industry with the largest body of performance benchmark data available on machine shop operations. Key findings from the study will be reported in the magazine and American throughout the year, and the results will enable managers, like you, to compare your facilities to industry norms and gain a competitive edge in today's challenging business environment.

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