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OEM News 12/02/2008

Dec. 2, 2008
December 2, 2008   Articles 3M Acquires Financiere Burgienne 3M has completed ...
December 2, 2008
3M Acquires Financiere Burgienne
3M has completed its acquisition of Financire Burgienne, a provider of finished license plates under the FAAB and FABRICAUTO brands in France. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Read More

3M Acquires Grafoplast
3M has completed its acquisition of Grafoplast S.p.A., a manufacturer of wire identification systems for the wire and cable market. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Read More

Ford Truck Plant Converts Small-Vehicle Production
Production operations ended in late November for Ford Motor Company’s Michigan Truck Plant as the last vehicle rolled off the assembly line. The move signaled the transformation of Michigan Truck Plant to be retooled as car plant to begin producing small, fuel-efficient vehicles in 2010. Read More

Harley Launches New Hot Rod Motorcycle
The XR1200 is a powerful new Harley-Davidson hot rod motorcycle that was initially designed and launched only in European markets in April 2008. With the high degree of interest and passionate reception surrounding the bike’s European release, as well as demand from Harley riders and competitive brand owners alike, the XR1200 is now being launched in all markets. Read More

Lockheed Martin Lands Electronic Warfare Contract
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems awarded Lockheed Martin MS2 of Syracuse, N.Y., a contract valued at up to $36 million including options for development and procurement of the High Gain, High Sensitivity (HGHS) subsystem. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems is a business unit of General Dynamics. Read More

Boeing Looks At ICBM Communications Security Enhancements
The Boeing Company has received a $3.7 million contract from Northrop Grumman Corp. to evaluate enhancements to communications security and replacements for data-storage media for the U.S. Air Force's Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) system. Read More

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