OMAX Unveils New Brand of Abrasive Waterjets

June 16, 2009
MAXIEM line developed for high performance, low cost production

OMAX Corp. is introducing a new line of abrasive waterjet machines this month, a series that will appeal to operations where affordability is a guiding factor in the choice of equipment. It describes the MAXIEM line as machines that incorporate its proven technology for high-pressure cutting in an affordable, highly productive package.

“Through years of marketing the OMAX line of JetMachining Centers, we recognized the strong demand for a line of basic abrasive waterjet equipment,” OMAX CEO Dr. John Cheung explained. “With the new MAXIEM line, we meet this demand, as well as the varying performance needs required by the international community.”

MAXIEM will be a separate brand from the current OMAX offerings, with a different market profile in terms of cost and function.

“As waterjet technology has evolved, the precision and accuracy of OMAX machines has moved beyond the point of what some manufacturers require,” detailed Dr. John Olsen, co-founder and vice president of operations for OMAX. He described MAXIEM as an “entry-level line of abrasive waterjets,” and one that is well timed to the financial concerns of the machine shop market.

The targeted MAXIEM users will be fabrication shops, metal service centers, trade schools, and job shops. OMAX further identifies shops that specialize in architectural work, signs, stone, and gaskets, or any operation that processes large parts or multiple parts from large stock, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone and composites.

The first machine to be available will be the 1530MX. It will have a 1.5 by 3-meter table size; a smaller, 1.5 by 1.5-meter version (MAXIEM 1515) will be introduced in the coming months, and other sizes will follow. All MAXIEM designs will have OMAX Intelli-TRAX™ traction-drive technology (developed to perform in the abrasive atmosphere) in the X-Y axis, and a motorized Z axis. The 50,000-psi pumps will be offered in 20 and 30 horsepower options.

The OMAX Intelli-MAX Basic control package will power the MAXIEM machines, including its proprietary control software.