Weekly Update 03/13/2008

March 14, 2008
March 13, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Faro Technologies, Inc. The ideal alternative to stationary CMMs? The Quantum FaroArm® -- the first 8-foot arm that measures accurately to within .0007" ...
Faro Technologies, Inc.
The ideal alternative to stationary CMMs? The Quantum FaroArm® -- the first 8-foot arm that measures accurately to within .0007" (.018mm) -- represents the latest-generation of the world's best-selling portable measurement arm ...but with features not found on any other device: Exclusive! .0007" Accuracy -- 30% More Accurate Than the Platinum FaroArm Exclusive! Bluetooth® -- Work Cable-Free & Transmit Data Up to 30 Feet Away Exclusive! Faro I-Probes -- with Automatic Size Recognition & Built-In Probe-Temperature Sensor Inspect, perform CAD-to-part analysis and reverse-engineer easily, more precisely, and bring top-quality parts and products to market more quickly with Quantum. Find out how at:
High Precision Machining
Three shops give their takes on what high-precision machining means for them. One shop categorizes high precision into three accuracy levels, another sees job volumes coming into play, and the third shop takes a team approach to high-precision. Read Full Story
Precision Machine Building
A quest to produce ultrahigh-precision parts led a shop to become a machine tool builder, and developed into a profitable business. The company believes its machines are provide the highest precision available. Read Full Story
Monoblock Design Helps In Five-Axis Machining
Five-axis high-precision machining can be a challenge. One machine designed as a single spindle, 5-axis high-performance machining center easily handles high-precision, simultaneous 5-axis machining of freeform surfaces. Part of its secret is a monoblock design. Read Full Story
Two moldmaking shops successfully slash job leadtimes. But, the feat took more than just adding new machine technology. Read Full Story
Waterjet Cutting
Are your CNC cutting systems bogged down with high work volumes? Find out how one shop eliminated process bottlenecks with a waterjet cutting system. Read Full Story
American Machinist is conducting its third annual Benchmarking Survey, providing the industry with the largest body of performance benchmark data available on machine shop operations. Key findings from the study will be reported in the magazine and American throughout the year, and the results will enable managers, like you, to compare your facilities to industry norms and gain a competitive edge in today's challenging business environment. Read Full Story
Practical Machinist Metalworking Forum
Join in! Visit Practical Machinist, the leading online discussion forum for the metalworking community.

Saw An Interesting Rail/Hoist System Today
"Something I've thought about doing for years but couldn't figure out..." Read Full Story
Wood & Light Letter/1874
"In the course of some other research I've been doing I found this letter I thought the members here would enjoy." Read Full Story
Forklift Folly
"Apologies to the owner but it is interesting." Read Full Story
Digital Edition
AM Digital Edition Available
Now you can get the latest edition of American Machinist delivered directly to your PC. Read Full Story
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