Japan patent and financial statistics now available

Oct. 11, 2006

IPB Corp., a provider of objective statistics for analyzing the creation and management of intellectual assets, has rolled out its Japan Corporate Patent and Financial Statistics Data Bank at http://db.ipb-corporation.com. The databank results from five years of development in Japan, building a unified database linking financial and securities data with information on Japanese patent application and grants for over 8,000 companies.
The first section of the databank includes corporate profiles of over 1,500 companies that comprise a cross-section of 17 industries where corporate performance is particularly dependent on intellectual property. Databank users can generate custom scatter charts for decision-making and reporting purposes from any of the 182 metrics calculated within the databank. The second phase of the databank consists of company rankings within any desired technical field, as well as overall and industry-specific rankings relating patents to corporate performance.
IPB says the databank applies numerical analysis and finds important statistical indicators at various points along the value chain. Companies for which intellectual property is a core component of value can identify and address areas of strength and weakness. And the investment community now has effective measurements for better gaging corporate performance.
Development is underway on a version of the databank covering U.S. patents and financial filings, and expected availability is first quarter 2007.