Weekly Update 09/13/2007

Sept. 14, 2007
September 13, 2007 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Keyence Trouble-Free Marking on Metals, Resins, Glass, Plastics and More The Keyence ML-G9300 ...
September 13, 2007
Trouble-Free Marking on Metals, Resins, Glass, Plastics and More The Keyence ML-G9300 high-output, CO2 Laser Marker eliminates line slowdown or stoppage for marking. Industry proven, it marks 1D and 2D barcodes, logos and ultra-small characters at 600 char/sec., with 30W of power, 1∝m resolution, and ±5% laser power stability. The air-cooled, dust-proof ML-G provides years of continuous, maintenance-free operation. Download details
In The News
Training Help wanted. The company that just sold you a machine may be your source for finding someone to run it. More OEMs are going beyond the typical tech-center scenario by offering their expertise in training tomorrow's machinist.
Shops that can't afford the cost or loss of production sending employees off-site for training should look into e-learning. Such programs enable people who do not live near educational institutions and people whose schedules are too full to attend classes that are offered on campuses, to study course materials at home or at work, and to study at their own pace rather than have to keep up with or wait for others.
Finding Work
While some shops criticize the use of the Internet to find work, one shop swears by it. In fact, it helped get the business started.
Defensive Software
The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining believes that robust CAM software is important because it creates fast, accurate and appropriate machining sequences and toolpaths for manufacturing, and some packages are feature rich to eliminate or reduce the need for manual programming or for outsourcing to specialists.
Stress Relief
Relieve stress in metals without using a heat treat process. And don't worry about workpiece size either because it is no longer an issue when it comes to relieving stress. Production Runs Find out how production run times can influence profitability.
Plant Efficiency
Gain a clear insight into managing plant operations. Software package offers everything from efficiency management to quality management to plant-wide reporting capabilities.
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WOW Project #102 - Exact JobBOSS Empowers General Metal Works Issue: Sales are declining and competitors are cutting into our business. Vision: Implement lean and invest in cutting-edge machines and technology to reposition the company. Results: Sales volume doubled, finished goods inventory was reduced 800%, lead times and set up times were cut in half, achieved ISO certification.
American Machinist Machine Shop Workshop 2007
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