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July 11, 2007
July 5, 2007 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Boeing—EVERY PLANE IN HISTORY took its first flight in someone’s imagination. At Boeing, we envision the most remarkable things, ...
July 5, 2007
Boeing—EVERY PLANE IN HISTORY took its first flight in someone’s imagination. At Boeing, we envision the most remarkable things, and assemble the people and resources to make them take shape. That’s why we’re here. We currently have various positions in Oregon and Washington. View Featured Opportunities
Opportunities in Aerospace markets
More people are flying than ever before, and the trend is expected to continue on an upward scale. Meanwhile, the major airline companies have returned to profitability, and they are ordering increasing numbers of airliners. As a result, the aerospace industry - and the companies that serve the industry - is in a growth phase that, by conservative estimates, is expected to continue through the year 2014. There is plenty of business available for shops that can get the work done. Aerospace Outsourcing Can Turn Shops Into High Flyers The aerospace market has taken a major upturn and is expected to be strong for several years to come, and more than ever before, prime aerospace contractors are outsourcing almost all of their regular machining and are actively looking for qualified shops to do that work.
Why Aerospace Presents The Hardest Challenge
One of the consistent themes at an Aerospace Symposium hosted last month by Kennametal was how hard it is to cut the exotic alloys that are being designated for use in airframes and engine parts. The alloys - primarily of titanium - are harder than Ti 6-4 and, in fact, approach the hardness of cutting tool materials. Engineers at The Boeing Co. and its suppliers are flummoxed; they are searching for solutions.
Titanium Cutting Capacity At a Plateau
The accompanying chart illustrates the progress of cutting tool technologies, beginning with the development of high-speed steel cutting tools in the early part of the last century, through the use of computer software to optimize cutting programs. Titanium machining, which began in aerospace in the 1940s, is graphed as having a modest-but-steady growth in removal rate per hour through the 1970s, then rapidly advancing from the late 1970s through 2000.
Rolled vs. Forged Aluminum for Aerospace Apps
Rolled plate has good and bad characteristics versus forgings. The thickness control usually is better and the surface finish usually is quite good and flat. However, much depends on the rolling reductions versus forging reductions. Remember that rolling works on the surface and sub-surface metal and the center material is more or less elongated in tension-especially in thick plates like those you described. This means that any porosity that remains from the ingot shrinkage tends to elongate and not fully heal.
Alcoa Announces Aerospace Metallics Breakthrough
Alcoa's program to reduce weight cost in aerospace metallics is significantly ahead of schedule as a result of extensive research and development achievements. The innovations, which reduce the cost and weight of advanced aerospace metallics by 20%, have been realized through the integration of advanced aluminum alloys, hybrid structural materials, design concepts, manufacturing and assembly techniques, and collaboration with customers. The program, known as the Alcoa Aerospace 20/20 Initiative, has been implemented in incremental steps, including in the new Airbus A380.
Air Force's small business programs open doors for veterans
The Air Force's Manufacturing Technical Assistance Production Program (MTAPP) is a small business program that focuses on increasing and enhancing the competitiveness of small manufacturing firms, including Service-disabled Veteran-owned businesses, that support of the Air Force and Department of Defense supply chains.
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