e-Bulletin, May 2005

June 22, 2005
May 10, 2005Your newsletter for manufacturing news and technology. In this Issue... Sponsored by Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.  Commentary by ...
May 10, 2005
Your newsletter for manufacturing news and technology. In this Issue... Sponsored by Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.
  • Commentary by Tom Grasson - Decreasing the fuel tax to reduce gas prices
  • AMERICAN MACHINIST feature articles - how to thrive in 2005
  • Machine of the month - A little more conversation, a lot more action
  • Technology trends
  • Hot products
  • Latebreaking news - Free "Increase Productivity Through Automation" seminars
Commentary Decreasing the fuel tax to reduce gas prices

Americans are footing a hefty tax burden on gasoline while Iraquis can purchase cheap gas thanks to subsidies from our government says Tom Grasson, associate publisher and editorial director. He thinks our elected officials should lower gas taxes to make life easier for American manufacturers and citizens. Read the rest of Tom's comments.

Newsletter sponsorBishop-Wisecarver Corp. Introducing QuickTrak Linear Guide

QuickTrak is an off-the-shelf solution that reduces design and installation costs by easily integrating into machine configurations. The belt or screw driven QuickTrak is ideal for light industrial use in laboratory, medical and packaging applications where precision guided motion and corrosion resistance is critical. This innovative system requires minimal attention after long maintenance intervals. Upgrades are available with advanced DualVee guide wheels and components offering unsurpassed performance and flexibility in multiple industries and applications for critical and extreme environments.
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American Machinist feature articles
Productivity gets an extra boost
Learn how a new line of milling and drilling tools can help you slash machining times, extend tool life, and boost productivity.

Isolating unwanted vibration
Are you accounting for vibration of machines and equipment? Find out how to plan for vibration control to cut costs while improving part quality and worker comfort.

Stop babysitting high-speed machines
Various machine modules monitor, record, and automatically compensate for centrifugal force, unbalance, vibration, and thermal expansion. Read how these systems can help shops move from manually adjusting machines to realiable high-speed machining.

No high-speed surprises
A great machine tool won't guarentee successful high-speed machining on its own. Instead, shops should evaluate and optomize the entire production process.
Learn what to look for

Machine of the month
A little more conversation, a lot more action
Hurco's new slant-bed lathes give users the choice of conversational or NC programming to program at the machine, convert CAD part data with DXF file transfer software, or download programs generated off-line. The TM series includes the TM8 with a three-jaw 8-in. chuck and the TM 6 and 10 with 6 and 10-in. chucks, respectively.
Read more
about the machines and their available options.

Advertisement American Machinist Products on Demand

Seco-Carboloy is committed to continuously improving the productivity of its customers' metal removal operations through knowledgeable application of superior carbide cutting tools and related products, systems, and services. View demonstrations of the most advanced cutting tools in Seco-Carboloy's family of drilling, milling, turning and PCBN products by clicking now on Products on Demand

Technology trendsTIMTOS 2005 focus is the global economyWorld engine plants gain global automation partner Hot products Advertisement Banner's revolutionaryPICO-GUARD Fiber Optic Safety System achieves highest Category 4 safety rating with a single switch point. Check it out The JobPack scheduler provides graphical view of all work loaded on the shop floor, and the ability to reschedule and get delivery dates in real time.
Visit JobPack's website
Sunnen Products Company is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of bore sizing and finishing equipment. Get more information The New Tsugami BA26L high-precision CNC automatic lathe is the ultimate small parts CNC turning machine for production rates that rival automatic cam-type machines. Check it out Latebreaking newsMori Seiki adding productionGet more information on Mori Seiki's opening of three production facilities this year. They include a heat-treatment plant to handle Curvic couplings and spindles; a casting plant for prototype castings; and a machining plant at it campus near Tokyo to tackle large castings.
Swiss Army knife producers unite
Victorinox, manufacturer of Swiss Army knives, has purchased a smaller knife producer, Wenger SA. Read more how Victorinox says the merger strengthens its competitive position and provides Wenger with financial backing it needs for operating and restructuring.Partnership focuses on production methods Read about Pathtrace PLC's collaboration with Daewoo Heavy Industries (Machine Tool Division) on new production techniques for milling, turning, and mill/turn machining. The goal is to product products that match the future demands of manufacturing industries.Spanish machine tool industry's new on-line bulletin AFM now offers e-MachineTools, the Spanish machine tool industry's on-line bulletin for the machine tool industry. Mark your calendarFree "Increase Productivity Through Automation" seminars GE Fanuc, Charlottesville, Va., has assembled a winning team of industry experts to help you optimize your factory and become more globally competitive through automation. Attend this or one of the company's other free half-day seminars and you are eligible to win a trip to the 2006 Olympic games in Italy. Seminar topics include: Advanced Manufacturing, Solutions in Action, Renishaw Inc.; How Robotic Automation Can Save Your Factory, FANUC Robotics; Real-Time Data From The Plant Floor, GE Fanuc; and more. Register on-lineMay 11: Latrobe, Pa. Kennemetal Inc.June 15: Charlotte, N.C. Fanuc Robotics America Inc.June 1-5Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, (800) 733-4763.June 8Metallurgy for the Medical Device Engineer, Materials Park, Ohio, ASM International, (440) 338-5151.June 7-9Expomoldes Spain 2005, International Mold Exhibition, Zaragoza, Spain, Metalspain, 00-34-91-576-56-09.June 28-30Implementing Lean Manufacturing and Beyond, Denver, Lean Enterprise Institute, (617) 713-2900. Our readers continue to provide thought-provoking replies to the question of the month, posed in the V.I.P. Edition of this newsletter. Check out the We've Got Mail section of May's AMERICAN MACHINIST to see what they've got to say. Coming in June:AMERICAN MACHINIST will focus on medical manufacturing.

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