Car buyers opt for more options

April 13, 2007

The Strategy Analytics Automotive Buyer Dynamics service release, "European Premium Vehicle Market: Option Package Bundling for Success," estimates that premium car buyers will purchase more than one billion euros in option packages within the next few years. Results reported are from a Strategy Analytics ( study of 3,000 recent automotive purchasers from the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Questions focused on safety, convenience and entertainment.
Depending on options selected, European premium car buyers are willing to pay from 1,718 euros ($2,300) for an economy bundle up to 4,151 euros ($5,600) for a premium package. Premium car buyers are most likely to buy an enhanced surround sound audio system or a seven-inch rear dual seat mounted video display before considering safety features such as a tire-pressure monitor or active Xenon headlights. In contrast, these premium car buyers are least likely to opt for a larger, ten-inch rear video display, a super-sized seven or ten-inch front in-dash video display or a digital radio option.
Premium car features usually include at least an electronic stability control system, quality interior, power sunroof, high-performance engine, passive entry system, rollover protection, air conditioning and power windows.