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March 21, 2008
March 20, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Sponsored By IMTS Improve Productivity IMTS 2008 can help you improve productivity and reduce cycle times. You'll see faster, more ...
Sponsored By IMTS
Improve Productivity IMTS 2008 can help you improve productivity and reduce cycle times. You'll see faster, more precise machine tools; cutting tools to process virtually any material; finishing technologies; automation systems; sophisticated quality instruments and manufacturing software. You'll meet and talk to experts in advanced manufacturing technologies. Plan now to attend.

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What Do You Want Your Coolant To Do?
Shops usually run many different machining operations, each with its specific coolant requirements. To meet these needs, coolant formulators have created hundreds of products with differing capabilities. Thus, shops are faced with a complicated challenge in choosing the best performing, most economical fluids for their operations.
In the past, it was not uncommon for shops to have a dozen coolants onsite to match an engineer's idea of the most favorable coolant for each machine. However, different coolants on the machining floor led to issues with crosscontamination and waste stream inconsistencies. Additionally, multiple coolants caused inventory nightmares. This has led coolant suppliers to develop more sophisticated products that help to manufacture superior parts while addressing the challenges of cooling, lubrication, corrosion resistance, and microbial control. Read Full Story
Plug-and-Go High-Speed Spindles
New air-cooled high-speed spindles are designed for fast and easy setup in vertical or horizontal machining centers. The spindles are rated at 4 hp peak power and 2.6 hp continuous duty, and provide infinitely variable speeds to 42,000 rpm. Read Full Story
High-Speed Spindles for Swiss Turning
If you’re running high-speed Swiss turning applications, checkout these new 20-mm and-22-mm diameter milling and drilling spindles. The spindles are designed to operate to 100,000 rpm with 260 W continuous power and high torque. They are built with synchronous, DC motor technology and are designed for machining applications that involve micromilling and drilling tools, and for engraving and fine milling. The compact spindles are ultra precise – they have less then 2 microns runout – to enhance surface quality and machining accuracy, and to reduce the need for secondary operations. Read Full Story
New Insert Grades For High Productivity
A new line of premium tungsten carbide grades has been developed that is said to provide better productivity, better profitability and better performance in drilling, milling, turning and grooving applications.
The new series of grades significantly extends insert tool life as a result of an innovative substrate. In addition, they also feature advanced CVD and PVD coating technology. Read Full Story
Streamlined Indexer
Looking for a rotary indexer with more accuracy, more spindle clearance, more axial and more radial load capacity than most? Here is a new unit that has a curved front casting over the spindle and a removable handle for increased spindle clearance and tool access. The indexer accommodates parts that weigh 100 lb (50 kg), and it can handle tailstock thrust per spindle of 1,000 lb (4,448 N) without a problem, even on a quad unit with tailstocks. Read Full Story
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Safety Light Curtain LEDs Communicate Operating Status
Sponsor: Keyence
Bright, highly visible red and green LEDs on the face of the new heavy-duty KEYENCE SL-VHM Safety Light Curtains provide instant confirmation of its operating status. Green: normal, Red: blocked/misaligned, Flashing Red: error/malfunction. Additionally, the LEDs simplify and speed setup and alignment. The SL-VHM uses a super-slim, yet rugged IP-67 waterproof design with full edge-to-edge detection and no "dead zones".
Details and specs
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Hot Products
Sponsor: Gradient Lens
Gradient Lens Corporation has introduced a complete video system that operates with any Hawkeye Precision Borescope, rigid or flexible. The Luxxor Video System includes a Sony XC-555 Video Camera, a Luxxor 24 Light Source, Luxxor Light Guide, Luxxor Video Coupler Lens, USB Image Capture Interface, and the Hawkeye SuperKit storage case. The complete system sells for under $
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