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Weekly Update 04/17/2008

April 18, 2008
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Toolholder Balancing
If you do not understand the basics of toolholder balancing, you are probably spending more time and money than necessary trying to achieve a high level of balance. This article explains the effects of unbalance and when they are important, when to apply the best control strategy, and how different toolholder configurations perform as speeds increase. Read Full Story
Machining Super Alloys
If you have to work with heat resistant super alloys (HRSA), you probably know they can be difficult to machine. But with developments in machinery, equipment and above all in tool materials and new cutting processes, HRSA components now can be machined efficiently and economically. Read Full Story
Tools For HRSA
These new solid carbide drills provide increased accuracy, extend tool life and improve productivity in machining heat resistant super alloys, especially in aerospace and industrial gas turbine applications. Read Full Story
Drills For Micromachining
These tiny drills are designed for small and medium-batch quantities and minimal holes per workpiece. Center drills, available in various diameters from 0.5 mm to 6 mm, center for small drilling diameters starting at 0.1 mm (0.003937 in.), while simultaneously performing a 90-degree or 120-degree chamfer. Read Full Story
Low-Profile 5-Axis Clamping
If you need a clamping system that provides extra part clearance for applications that require continuous 5-axis cutting, look no further. This new low-profile 5-axis clamping system has a clamping height above the machine table of 100 mm (3.937 in.) and delivers a maximum clamping force of 8,992 lb (40 kN). Read Full Story
High-Pressure Coolant System
This new high-pressure coolant system offers improved chip control, increased cutting speed and extended tool life in difficult materials. The system harnesses the pressures to 1,100 psi in turning centers, vertical turning lathes and multi-task machines. Read Full Story
Welding Magazine and Welding Web Announce Launch Of Welding Theater

Welding Magazine and Welding Web are pleased to announce the beta launch of Welding Theater at Think of it as YouTube for welders. It provides videos about welding process and equipment. In the not-too-distant future, it will also be open to the posting of amateur videos by anyone involved in the welding industry. Click Here For More Information
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Practical Machinist Metalworking Forum
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Detroit Quality - 1965
Maybe we should have been paying attention. Read Full Story
Pics of Ship Breaking/Cranes
"Yes,The Guardian also had a great photo set of the beach, and the crowds converging to haul away whatever they could." Read Full Story
Wibbler (British) What is It?
"This has turned into an amazing thread." Read Full Story
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