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2/16/2012 - Measuring Surface Form and Function

Feb. 24, 2012
Wireless | Web Version | Add to Safe Sender List | Subscribe February 16, 2012 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR NX CAM Test Drive – Free full version of NX CAM ...
February 16, 2012 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR
NX CAM Test Drive – Free full version of NX CAM Get a firsthand look! NX CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. As a fully integrated solution set, NX CAM software includes full assembly modeling of the machining environment and advanced feature-base automation capabilities as well as machine tool simulation and post processing. Test drive your copy now!
Surface Metrology: Measuring Form and Function
Surface metrology tools can now deliver true, three-dimensional profiles, plus ISO texture, roughness and shape surface parameters, as well as other metrics that correlate with actual performance Read the full story here

Grinding, Turning, Turn/Grinding … All on One CNC
EMAG designs and builds machine tools for manufacturing automotive, off-highway, agricultural, and oilfield components, and for one recent large-scale order it settled on a single control and remote-monitoring platform. “We needed to devise a control solution that would satisfy all the needs of the various machines we were supplying to this customer,” CEO Peter Loetzner recalled, “based on a common platform, to enable easier design, integration, start-up, commissioning on-site and training for our customer’s operations and maintenance personnel.” Read the full story here

Digital Read-Out Finish Boring Head
With a built-in digital display unit, a new precision finish boring head allows machine operators to make precise adjustments to the boring process “on the fly,” according to the developer, with through-tool coolant supply, and achieving maximum spindle speed of 20,000 RPM. Read the full story here

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Laser-Based, 4-Axis Alignment Device
Cost-saving evaluating and positioning for lathes, turning centers, spindles, and other manufacturing centers is a primary advantage of a new laser-based, four-axis system that operates over distances of 100 feet and delivers measuring precision of 0.0005 inch and 0.002 degrees. Read the full story here

Fluid Filtration for High-Volume Swarf
An optional, magnetic-separating prefilter and collection unit allow a new grinding-fluid filtration system to handle high-volume swarf applications easily, making it well suited to grinding, honing and lapping operations. Read the full story here

U.S. Machine Tool Orders Hit $5.5 Billion in 2011
Domestic manufacturers and machine shops ordered $519.98 million worth of machine tools and related technology during December 2011, a rise of 12.2% from the November total, and the result brought the 2011 total for new manufacturing technology orders to $5.5 billion, a 66.4% improvement over 2010. AMT president Douglas K. Woods called 2011 the “strongest year in more than a decade (for orders of machine tools) as manufacturing led the U.S. recovery into 2012.” Read the full story here

LNS Group Acquires Yoshida Tekko
Switzerland-based LNS Group acquired the assets of Yoshida Tekko KK, a Japanese machine builder it said would complement its own line of bar-feeding equipment and conveying systems. Read the full story here

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