Equipment company acquires the competition

Nov. 27, 2006

Bushman Equipment, a manufacturer of custom engineered heavy-duty material-handling equipment, has acquired Avon Engineering, a company that competes with Bushman in providing a line of overhead-crane-related material-handling equipment.
Ralph Deger, president of Bushman, says the two companies sport a complimentary nature and rarely compete directly because of each company's geographic focus. Avon ( is well-established in the Canadian steel industry, while Bushman's markets lie primarily in the United States and Mexico.
As a result of the acquisition, each company adds to the other's capability to serve the material-handling needs of steel mills, paper mills and other heavy industries. Bushman ( will introduce its West Bend line of lift tables, upenders, load inverters and mold carts into the Canadian market. Similarly, Bushman will aggressively market Avon's line of coil-packaging equipment in the United States.