GibbsCAM 2006 Now Shipping

Sept. 5, 2006

Gibbs and Associates (, developer of GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machine tools, is now shipping its latest release – GibbsCAM 2006.
“GibbsCAM 2006 incorporates many, many enhancements through the entire GibbsCAM product line,” says Bill Gibbs, founder and president of Gibbs and Associates. “This is probably the most significant amount of content that has ever been shipped in a single GibbsCAM release in recent years.”
New features in the 2006 release include:
• Graphics optimized for OpenGL to provide faster, more accurate images for all aspects of programming, especially solids.
• User-defined macros that allow users to automate family-of-part programming and other repetitive tasks.
• Mill tool holder library with CPR display and collision detection.
• Faceted body solid type (STL).
• Operation manager for working with large programs efficiently.
• Multi R-Level feature drilling.
• Contour/pocket advanced approach/exit move options.
• Outside-in, multi-pass contour roughing
• HSM toolpath functions such as corner filleting, on/off surfaces and circular stepover moves.
• MTM pinch turning.
• Solid associativity updating for operations.
• Part import for multi-part multi-setup programming
Initial shipments of GibbsCAM 2006 will go to customers in the United States and Canada, followed by shipments to international customers who use documentation in English. International shipments with localized documentation are scheduled to occur later this year.