KGKI and Okuma America Announce Consolidation of Dealer Network

June 26, 2007

KGK International, the exclusive North American importer of Okuma Machine Tools equipped with Fanuc controls, announced it will use the existing Okuma America dealer network for all machine sales.
Andy Toyota, president and national sales manager for KGK International said the move is his company’s next step in its consolidation that began last year with the merger of Okuma & Howa and Okuma.
“We have advised our dealer network and expect that the realignment will be completed by late summer,” Toyota said.
“While we are happy to welcome the Okuma America dealer network to our corporate family, I would also say that we are exceptionally proud of the excellent work accomplished by our previous dealers. This change represents a necessary management decision and in no way reflects on their skill and competence,” he added.
The company also announced that KGK International now will represent the entire line of Okuma machines and that all KGKI Okuma products will be equipped with Fanuc controls. Okuma America will continue to sell Okuma machines equipped with the Thinc-OSP control.
For further information, contact Andy Toyota at 847-465-0160 or at (