Climax Portable Machine Tools expands facilities

Aug. 24, 2007

Oregon-based Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc. (, a provider of comprehensive, on-site machining solutions for the power generation, shipbuilding, industrial and engineering sectors, is expanding its headquarters facilities in Newberg, Ore. and Dren, Germany. The company broke ground on a 14,000 sq. ft. facility at its Newberg, Ore. headquarters that will house assembly and rental equipment operations as well as double its training capacity. Simultaneously, Climax also announced the official opening of its new European headquarters in Germany, where building and construction began last year.

“The manufacturing sector has continued to thrive in Oregon, and Climax is a true example of a fast-growing organization that is contributing to Oregon’s economic success,” said congressman David Wu. “While many states have lost manufacturing jobs to other countries, Oregon companies such as Climax continue to innovate and strengthen the state’s homegrown technological expertise. I congratulate Climax on making an impact both on international trade and its contribution to Oregon’s economy.”

Over the past few years, Climax has experienced an annual compound sales growth rate of 22 percent, as worldwide adoption of its products and services has steadily spread. In the past year Climax added 40 new employees in Oregon enabling it to increase its manufacturing and service capabilities. The newest expansion at the Newberg facility will enable Climax to streamline assembly workflows and shipment of their machine tools that will create a state-of-the-art lean manufacturing operation. The facility also positions Climax as a competitive resource for customers seeking valve repair machines, boring machines, flange facers, lathes and mills and other specialized maintenance and repair solutions in the power generation, shipbuilding, heavy construction, mining, and civil engineering industries.

With additional training facilities, the Climax Portable Machining Training Institute will also offer expanded educational programs and hands-on workshops to help its customers offset the threats of a declining workforce of skilled machinists. Of particular benefit to Oregon, the expansion will also allow Climax to hire an additional 30 new employees who will engineer and manufacture Climax’s portable machine tools for customers in North American, Asian and European power generation, shipbuilding and heavy construction industries.

“Our customers face growing competition within their industries and run the risk of losing ground by not exploring new tools, technologies, techniques and business practices. Climax’s goal is to help them revolutionize the way their maintenance and repair operations are done by taking the solution on-site,” said Geoff Gilmore, president and chief executive officer of Climax.

The new facility in German features both office and manufacturing space including a machine tools showroom, expanded manufacturing and assembly operations. Climax says that this facility enhances Climax’s capabilities to help nuclear plant managers develop procedures to optimize power generation efficiencies and to perform critical repairs necessary for operating license renewal. The facility also allows Climax to increase support to the European heavy construction and mining industries by providing on-site machining solutions, which will allow them to reduce downtime of in-field equipment. The German headquarters also includes an expanded Climax Portable Machining Training Institute facility for engineering consulting, hands-on learning opportunities and technical support.