Vistagy and Jetcam expand global technology partnership

May 9, 2007

JETCAM International, (, a supplier of CAD/CAM nesting software for the sheet metal and composites industries, and VISTAGY, Inc., (, a global provider of specialized engineering software, have announced an expanded business and technology partnership to help their joint customers more efficiently develop highly-engineered products made of advanced composite materials. This agreement follows development work between the companies to create a seamless exchange of 3D product data between VISTAGY’s FiberSIM composites design software and JETCAM’s Expert CAM and nesting software. This partnership will ensure that the products work together to offer users a seamless design and manufacturing environment—from conceptual design through to the cutting machine.

“We see this partnership as a natural progression from the development that has already taken place,” said Mike Weber, managing director of JETCAM International. “It will provide users with the most effective solution from conceptual stage all the way through to the final manufacturing processes.”

“As a result of our combined years of experience in aerospace and automotive composites, customers are already enjoying a seamless, accurate and open exchange of 3D data between our design and nesting applications,” said Steve Luby, president and chief executive officer at VISTAGY, Inc. “Now, as we deepen and expand our cooperation and development efforts by adding JETCAM to the FiberSIM Technology Partner Program, organizations can be assured of a deeper level of integration and an improved user experience to streamline design, nesting and manufacturing processes.”

VISTAGY says its FiberSIM software, powered by unique EnCapta technology, helps engineers predominantly in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and wind energy industries streamline many of the tedious, time-consuming and complex tasks for designing and manufacturing composite products. The software is integrated into commercial 3D CAD software systems and provides the only flexible, open, production-proven engineering environment specifically designed to comprehensively support all major composite manufacturing methodologies. 2D flat patterns of composite plies generated by FiberSIM from the 3D CAD model can be automatically and seamlessly exported to JETCAM’s nesting software to ensure manufacturers accurately create composite shapes with less material waste and fewer errors than previously possible.