Nano-week 2006

July 25, 2006

The Materials, Medicine and Nanotechnology Summit, being held Oct. 2-5 at the InterContinental Hotel and MBNA Conference Center in Cleveland, Ohio, will bring these three organizations together for the first time to discuss the latest material advances and nanotechnology discoveries and how they are resulting in new medical applications.
This multidisciplinary scientific, applied research and networking event is expected to be valuable for academic nanotechnology scientists, medical devise engineers, biomechanical scientists, medical entrepreneurs and corporate research and development managers who are looking to gain a clinical perspective and establish opportunities for collaboration.
Physicians from a variety of specialties, including cardiac and vascular medicine, neurological diseases and orthopedic and spine disorders will also find the summit useful in understanding how nanotechnology and materials are influencing the future of medicine. They will also explore innovative strategies for translating recent advances in nanotechnology research into clinical practice and biomedical investigation. (