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e-Bulletin, June 2005

June 22, 2005
June 6 , 2005Your newsletter for manufacturing news and technology. AMERICAN MACHINIST is looking for photos from your shop to put on its new website. For example, pictures can include images of an ...
June 6 , 2005
Your newsletter for manufacturing news and technology. AMERICAN MACHINIST is looking for photos from your shop to put on its new website. For example, pictures can include images of an old shop, your clever machining solution, or even an interesting home project. We will post the images in a reader's gallery on the new site. Please e-mail us the image, and include a description of what the images is showing, the image location, and your full name. In this Issue... Sponsored by Immersion
  • Commentary by Tom Grasson - Let's keep U.S. assembly lines moving
  • AMERICAN MACHINIST feature articles
  • Machine of the month - Grinder provides nano precision
  • Technology trends
  • Hot products
  • Latebreaking news - Free "Increase Productivity Through Automation" seminars
Commentary Let's keep U.S. assembly lines moving

Chinese automakers are eying the U.S. market, and that only spells trouble for the Big Three, says associate publisher and editorial director Tom Grasson. Every vehicle built in China and sold in the U.S. means one less vehicle rolling off our homeland assembly lines. Combine this with GM's less-than-stellar performance, and Americans might soon be buying Chinese. Do you agree?
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American Machinist feature articles
Getting parts really clean
If you're producing medical parts or thinking about getting into this niche market, part cleanliness is a huge concern. Traditional cleaning methods aren't good enough to clean small, intricate devices. Learn what ultracleaning techniques are keeping pace with the stringent requirements of medical-device manufacturers.

MicroEDMing medical parts
Various machine modules monitor, record, and automatically compensate for centrifugal force, unbalance, vibration, and thermal expansion. Read how these systems can help shops move from manually adjusting machines to realiable high-speed machining.

Creating a vision for the blind
How collaborative engineering, a focus on training, and an upgrade of 50-yr-old machines helped a shop win contract work from the U.S. government. This shop faces a tricky balance at: dealing with traditional competitive challenges while training its blind operators for the real world. Learn how these operators can help other shops.

Machine of the month
Grinder provides nano precision
A new cylindrical grinder is so precise that users can program in-feed movement in 10-nanometer steps. Learn more about this fast, flexible, and extremely precise machine.
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Seco-Carboloy is committed to continuously improving the productivity of its customers' metal removal operations through knowledgeable application of superior carbide cutting tools and related products, systems, and services. View demonstrations of the most advanced cutting tools in Seco-Carboloy's family of drilling, milling, turning and PCBN products by clicking now on Products on Demand

Technology trendsManufacturers flock to grinding gatheringPrototyping Darth Vader's faceSetting the standard for lean certification Hot products AdvertisementBanner's revolutionary PICO-GUARD Fiber Optic Safety System achieves highest Category 4 safety rating with a single switch point. Check it out The New Tsugami BA26L high-precision CNC automatic lathe is the ultimate small parts CNC turning machine for production rates that rival automatic cam-type machines. Check it outCharmilles continues to push the boundaries of EDM capabilities with the recent release of the Robofil 2050TW. Find out moreLatebreaking newsNew Mori Seiki U.S.A. president Mori Seiki U.S.A. Inc. has promoted Thomas R. Dillon to president. Dillon joined Mori Seiki in 2001 as executive vice president and was promoted to COO. In 2003, he became the first president of Mori Seiki Mid-American Sales.For more information
Visteon returns manufacturing plants to Ford
As part of its restructuring efforts, Visteon Corp. is returning 24 plants and facilities in the U.S. and Mexico to former parent Ford Motor Co. The facilities will be held in a temporary business managed by Ford until they are sold. Visteon is Ford's largest supplier of critical auto parts and components. According to Ford, the arrangement protects its parts supply, allows it to diversify that supply base, and creates production-material cost savings.
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Schwartz named Okuma America president/COO Okuma Corp. has promoted Larry Schwartz to president and COO of Okuma American Corp., Charlotte. He succeeds Dean Hanaki, who has been named Okuma America's chairman and CEO. Schwartz was formerly vice president of sales and marketing. He has been with Okuma America for 10 yr, working in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and executive management. Read more Mark your calendarFree "Increase Productivity Through Automation" seminars GE Fanuc, Charlottesville, Va., has assembled a winning team of industry experts to help you optimize your factory and become more globally competitive through automation. Attend this or one of the company's other free half-day seminars and you are eligible to win a trip to the 2006 Olympic games in Italy. Seminar topics include: Advanced Manufacturing, Solutions in Action, Renishaw Inc.; How Robotic Automation Can Save Your Factory, FANUC Robotics; and Real-Time Data From The Plant Floor, GE Fanuc. Register on-lineJune 15: Fanuc Robotics America Inc., Charlotte, N.C June 21: Fanuc Robotics America Inc., Lake Forest, Calif. July 12-13 Micro-Manufacturing Workshop, Rockford, Ill., EIGERlab, (815) 965-3522.Find out moreJuly 14-15 NTMA 2005 Technology Conference, Las Vegas, National Tooling & Machining Assoc., (800) 248-6862, Check it outJuly 19-21 Implementing Lean Manufacturing and Beyond, Toronto, Ont., Lean Enterprise Institute, (617) 713-2900, Find out moreJuly 26-27 Manufacturing Technology Forum, Ann Arbor, Mich., National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and Association for Manufacturing Technology, Read more Our readers continue to provide thought-provoking replies to the question of the month, posed in the V.I.P. Edition of this newsletter. Check out the We've Got Mail section of AMERICAN MACHINIST to see what they've got to say.

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AMERICAN MACHINIST will focus on recreational manufacturing.

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