Report spells out new aerospace and defense product-development processes

July 19, 2006

A new report from consulting and research firm CIMdata Inc., titled "Overcoming the Challenge of Electro-Mechanical Product Development in Aerospace & Defense," discusses how electro-mechanical product development enables key industry initiatives to transform the defense strategy to fully leverage the information age. The key to this transformation's success is the immediate, worldwide access to reliable information that must be integrated with weapons and communications processes for quickly deploying the most efficient and agile force in the battlefield.
The report describes how Force Transformation, a foundation program for accelerating the change to an information-based defense strategy, and other similar initiatives in Ministries of Defense around the world are mandating new aerospace and defense product development processes and are driving the need for effective electro-mechanical product-development solutions. It also provides examples of these solutions and describes problems that aerospace and defense suppliers will encounter. The report also makes recommendations that such suppliers should consider to successfully accomplish this industry transformation.
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