Expanding nuclear capacity spurs job growth says NAM

July 25, 2008

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)(www.nam.org) said that expanding America’s nuclear capacity is critical to creating essential, high-wage U.S. manufacturing jobs and will help meet the nation’s growing energy demand.

“Nuclear energy is a clean, reliable source of power that has the potential to create thousands of high-paying U.S. manufacturing jobs,” NAM president and chief executive officer John Engler said. Engler made that statement at a news conference today with the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) to release a new white paper, titled Job Creation in the Nuclear Renaissance, which examines the job growth potential for existing and future nuclear power plants in the next decade.

“The United States has not built a nuclear plant in decades. The technical knowledge to construct and operate plants and to design and manufacture key nuclear components is retiring with the baby boomers -- and America does not have the necessary skilled workers to replace them. A nuclear renaissance can not happen without robust investment in the education and training of America’s current and future workforce,” Engler said.

“We must continue to support the expansion of nuclear energy to maintain jobs and economic growth in America. A robust economy demands more energy, even as we pursue alternative means such as conservation and efficiency. Failure to supply those increased energy demands will raise energy costs for manufacturers and consumers and hurt our global competitiveness.”

“It is imperative that industry, government and educators join together to support the growth of nuclear energy to stimulate America’s economy, protect our environment and create good jobs here at home,” Engler concluded.

The full CASEnergy white paper, Job Creation in the Nuclear Renaissance is available for download at (www.cleansafeenergy.org)