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Dec. 11, 2008
December 11, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Keep Your Bottom Line in the Black Attend a free webinar:Understanding the U.S. R & D Tax Credit - Hear how to take a solid approach to maximizing R & ...
December 11, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR
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The 2008 American Machinist 10 Best Shops
American Machinist named its 10 Best Machine Shops for 2008.
You can read about the keys to the success of all of these shops at the following web sites.
These shops are built on long-term work agreements, a willingness to invest in manufacturing processes for customers, always meeting delivery dates and part quality requirements, building relationships and aligning strategies to match those of the customer, and working toward always delivering above and beyond what customers require.
Allied Specialty Precision Inc. - Technology and people lead to twice the sales
Investing in technology and maintaining a high-quality workforce has helped Allied Specialty Precision, Inc. (ASPI) to double its sales in the past three years. The company prides itself on its workforce and technology. Read the full story here

B&B Manufacturing Co. - Long-term cellular manufacturing
While B&B Manufacturing Co. Inc discribes itself as a job shop, it seems to have the level of sophistication and infrastructure of a contract manufacturer. The shop thrives on the long-term work agreements with its customers, so most jobs won by the shop stick around for the life of the program. Read the full story here

Concept Components Company - Machining in his blood
Jim McGuigan comes f rom a long line of machinists.
His grandfather had a machine shop with his father and uncle where Jim spent his early years sweeping floors on weekends.
Twenty years ago, when he was 23-years-old, he bought a Hardinge chucker lathe and struck off on his own. It was a modest turning shop, but he has made it grow. Read the full story here

Diablo Precision Inc. - Shop delivers its personal best
Conor Kelly and Bill Fixsen started Diablo Precision Inc. in 2004 with one machine the two of them didnt know how to run a slight setback that almost put the shop out of business even before shipping its first order. Read the full story here

Feintool USA Corporation - A captive shop with a well-known niche
The machine shop at Feintool USA Corp. is captive.

It is an essential part of the companys integrated operations and makes all of the progressive dies that the fineblanking operations need. Read the full story here

Fredon Corp. - Staying ahead by working smarter
Fredon Corp. excels in tackling high-precision, close-tolerance, difficultto- machine projects that most shops find problematic, or impossible. Read the full story here

Hamill Manufacturing Co. - From crises come capabilities
Nestled in the rolling hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania is the Hamill Manufacturing Co.

The company was founded in 1952 by William B. Kelly in the rear buildings of his residence in Monroeville. Jeffrey S. Kelly the founders son and the current chairman and chief executive officer is acting president of the National Tooling & Machining Association, and was chairman of the NTMA in 2007. Read the full story here

NEO Machine LLC - Born and raised on repeat work
In 2005, Scott Smith started NEO Machine L.L.C. with 20 years of experience, $5,000.00 cash in his pocket, one employee, and two machine tools. He said he was scared to death when he took that first step and rented a facility in which he had to install his own air lines and power. He didnt even have a machinists toolbox at the time. Read the full story here

Rose Industries Inc. - High quality delivered on time
Deborah Lamb is fond of pointing out that, as a woman-owned business, her company, Rose Industries Inc., is looked at by the federal government, anyway as a disadvantaged business. Read the full story here

Weaver Manufacturing Co. - Shop partners for success
As a key player in the highly competitive aerospace market, Weaver Manufacturing Inc. sets itself apart by what it actually sells to customers. Read the full story here

Hot Products
Robotic Tool Changers ATI Industrial Automation is the leading supplier of Robotic Tool Changers which allow a robot to automatically exchange welding transguns or other tools, making robots more flexible and maintenance easier. ATI's Tool Changers feature a patented fail-safe locking mechanism that typically exceeds robot load specifications.
Direct-Drive Rotary Table Indexing Technology... Are you in the market for 4th axis machining in the ±3 arc-sec accuracy and ±2 arc-sec repeatability class? Are you interested in further reducing your cycle time? Hardinge direct-drive rotary systems provide ±.077 arc-sec resolution for super-precision positioning and repeatability with speeds up to 4,500 degrees per second. Free tooling package included with every rotary system purchase for a limited time. For more information call 800-510-3161. Details: Workholding ecommerce site:
Get the Sunnen Solution for Fuel Injectors Sunnen specializes in systems for the high precision honing of all types of fuel injector applications, resulting in lower manufacturing costs, higher efficiency, and fewer class sizes. Your Sunnen solution will deliver precise bore accuracy, geometry, and surface finish for high pressure, longer lasting fuel injectors that make engines run cleaner.
AM Workshop
NOW AVAILABLE! 2008 Benchmarks for Machine Shops The only way to measure your performance against a national pool of peers and competitors •Detailed data on nearly 100 different metrics. •Covers human resources, operations, technology, customer service and finance. •Includes a 12-point executive dashboard just for machine shops. Ideal for: •Developing and executing new strategies •Measurable process improvement •Quality certification benchmarkingPlease, please, please keep producing this data...It will really help us get this country back to the top of world manufacturing.... 2008 American Machinist reader.ONLY $59.95plus tax and shipping & handling. ORDER YOURS TODAY!
Case Studies
Case Studies / WhitepapersSponsored case studies provide real-world accounts of what's happening in the machining industry. They chronicle the events faced by business owners and managers who had to deal with changes in the competitive environment, and plots the owners' or managers' response which usually entails a change in their business strategy.Latest case studies:
Precision Holemaking at High Cpk Increase Productivity by Hard Milling Stainless Steels11 Criteria For Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement 5 Ways ERP can help you implement LeanKeys to ISO Success Toolmaker Slashes Delivery Times by Going Lean Click on the links above to start reading.
AM Machine Tool Theater
Machine Tool TheaterAmerican Machinist'sMachine Tool Theater, the metal-cutting industry's first and most comprehensive exclusively video website. These videos are about machining and machining equipment. You'll see faster, more precise machines; cutting tools to process virtually any material; finishing technologies; automation systems; quality instruments and manufacturing software. See the latest tools and techniques being used to reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

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