2/23/2012 - Machining at Any Angle

Feb. 24, 2012
Wireless | Web Version | Add to Safe Sender List | Subscribe February 23, 2012 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR NX CAM Test Drive – Free full version of NX CAM ...
February 23, 2012 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR
NX CAM Test Drive – Free full version of NX CAM Get a firsthand look! NX CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. As a fully integrated solution set, NX CAM software includes full assembly modeling of the machining environment and advanced feature-base automation capabilities as well as machine tool simulation and post processing. Test drive your copy now!
Machining at Any Angle
The Traub TNL18 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe with seven linear axes is available now with an extra B-axis, meaning it is applicable to particularly challenging machining tasks. With the additional B-axis in the upper tool carrier, which can pivot 100°, complex parts and complicated contour elements that also require additional operations such as milling, drilling, lateral drilling or l threading may be machined at any angular position. Read the full story here

European Machine Tool Builders Push 'Sustainability'
CECIMO is coordinating “greener manufacturing” standards for its members’ operations and products, and claimed those 1,500 companies representing 97% of all machine tool production in Europe are committing to optimize their use of energy and other resources to establish faster, better and higher quality manufacturing in end-user industries. Read the full story here

Surface Metrology: Measuring Form and Function
Surface metrology tools can now deliver true, three-dimensional profiles, plus ISO texture, roughness and shape surface parameters, as well as other metrics that correlate with actual performance Read the full story here

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Why Aren’t More Manufacturers Using Minimum Quantity Lubrication?
Metalworking operations have an obligation to develop sustainable manufacturing solutions. Even though the idea of sustainability is being defined better, and understood better, why is it that so many manufacturers still are not taking the necessary steps to implement newer, proven technologies that foster sustainability? Read the full story here

Changes in Metalworking Trades Mean Changes for Apprentice Training
A rebound in manufacturing activity is driving new interest in apprentice training programs, like the 28-week course offered by TMA. One of its most in-demand training programs is its Related Theory Apprentice Training Program, which benefits students as well as the many metalworking companies that need skilled employees. Read the full story here

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Who is the King of Metalworking?
Have you ever liked a metalworking product so much you wanted to crown it king? Online voting is now open for the King Awards Competition. Choose your favorite metalworking product ranging as well as over 70 products in 10 other categories to decide who has the best new industrial products in 2012. Click here to start the voting process and enter for your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!
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