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Weekly Update 11/20/2008

Nov. 20, 2008
November 20, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Direct-Drive Rotary Table Indexing Technology... Are you in the market for 4th axis machining in the ±3 arc-sec accuracy and ±2 arc-sec ...
November 20, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR
Direct-Drive Rotary Table Indexing Technology... Are you in the market for 4th axis machining in the ±3 arc-sec accuracy and ±2 arc-sec repeatability class? Are you interested in further reducing your cycle time? Hardinge direct-drive rotary systems provide ±.077 arc-sec resolution for super-precision positioning and repeatability with speeds up to 4,500 degrees per second. Free tooling package included with every rotary system purchase for a limited time. For more information call 800-510-3161. Details: Workholding ecommerce site:
Workholding For 5-Axis Machining
You must be able to hold a part firmly while making sure that the machine has access to workpiece surface areas to take advantage of 5-axis machining’s ability to save time by machining complex shapes in a single setup.
Traditional workholding devices often can’t do that. Read the full story here

Narrow 5-Axis Vises
The narrow vises and jaws of new 5-axis workholding vises allow for greater access to workpieces minimizing machine downtime and maximizing flexibility. The vises provide clamping forces to 8,900 lbf with repeatability of 0.0002 in. They are available in self-centering, manual and hydraulic activation and with a variety of available jaw options, chucks and fixture plates to meet a range of applications. Read the full story here

A Guide To Rotary Broaching
If you need to machine polygon forms into the inside diameter or outside diameter of parts, rotary broaching is the process for you. With rotary broaching, you can increase profits by machining complex shapes on standard CNC lathes or mills, manual machines or screw machines without having a secondary operation. Setup is as easy as centering the tool on the work. With feeds slightly faster than drilling, complex forms can be machined quickly. Read the full story here

Cutters For High-Speed Milling Aluminum
If you need a milling cutter designed for high speed machining of aluminum alloys, check out these new designs.
They have a serrated pocket design and direct-mount insert clamping. The company said the cutters offer safe, rigid and chatter-free operations at speeds to 20,000 surface feet per minute — rates for optimal utilization of tipped polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts for aluminum applications and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools for other materials. Read the full story here

Collets Correct Runout
New collets are designed to counteract inaccuracies caused by runout when using small diameter cutting tools in high precision machining, with T.I.R. less than 0.0001 in. (3 μm) after 20,000 tool changes. Read the full story here

Compact Clamping Force Blocks
Several features of new clamping force blocks are engineered to provide repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm. Their design features include multi-tooth guidance for the base jaws, long jaw guidance, and exact centering via the clamping sleeves to help reduce jaw lifting. The compact clamping force blocks with their rigid one-piece base body achieve gripping forces of up to 60 kN (13,489 lbf). Read the full story here

Metallic Sealed Collets
Swiss-quality metallic sealed ER collets are designed for applications that require through-the-tool coolant pressures to 2,000 psi, and seal the tool to the collet and the collet to the toolholder. They are designed for universal use, and work with any standard or friction-bearing nut. As a result, users do not need to purchase special coolant nuts or disks for coolant sealing. Read the full story here

Featured Advertiser
Setup for success with tool presetters from BIG Kaiser. BIG Kaiser’s new Speroni STP MAGIS helps achieve precision setups while reducing spindle downtime and increasing production through off-line tool preparation. Constructed of aged pearlitic cast iron to guarantee the best thermal stability, the MAGIS is available in multiple sizes to fit any tool need. Visit BIG Kaiser at
AM Workshop
And the winners are....

CHICAGO, IL – November 17, 2008
– American Machinist today recognized the ten best machine shops, large and small, that perform at consistently high levels relative to the key indicators derived from American Machinist's proprietary Machine Shop Benchmarking study. Congratulations!
2008 American Machinist's 10 Best Machine Shops:
•Allied Specialty Precision Inc., Mishawaka, Indiana •B&B Manufacturing Co., Valencia, California •Concept Components Company, Bohemia, New York •Diablo Precision Inc., Hollister, California •Feintool USA Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio •Fredon Corp., Mentor, Ohio •Hamill Manufacturing Co., Trafford, Pennsylvania •NEO Machine LLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma •Rose Industries, Inc., Palmer, Massachusetts •Weaver Manufacturing Inc., Wichita, KansasRead More
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