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VIP, February 2006

Feb. 1, 2006
February 16, 2006 Newsletter Sponsor JobBOSS JobBOSS is the most widely used shop management software for the metalworking industry with bar-code data collection, performance analysis, and contact management. Nearly 4,000 hi-tech shops and more ...
February 16, 2006Newsletter SponsorJobBOSS
JobBOSSis the most widely used shop management software for the metalworking industry with bar-code data collection, performance analysis, and contact management. Nearly 4,000 hi-tech shops and more than 21,000 shop technology system users rely on JobBOSS for quoting, scheduling, costing, purchasing, inventory, shipping, and quality control.Click here to find out more.Commentary
Drilling often can be one of the most challenging problems in machining because the machinist cannot see the tip of the working tool, and chips must be removed from the hole that is being made. Using the correct tool and the right techniques can help to cut the challenges presented by hole making while cranking up the speed and productivity rates. For more information on drilling/holemaking visit theHolemaking Tech Zone on American Machinist Benchmarking Study 2006 Machining Operations Benchmarking Study was launched on February 15, 2006. This groundbreaking research will identify a standard set of key performance indicators for metalworking businesses. The results will enable operations of all sizes ­ from job shops to original equipment manufacturers ­ to validate processes, measure efficiency, attract new business and improve competitiveness. The study examines more than 100 variables to identify common practices among top-performing machining operations. "The study will provide members of the metalworking community with tools that help them compete in the global marketplace," said Bob Rosenbaum, publisher. "The first step in any improvement program is to measure your starting point and compare it to industry benchmarks. In metalworking, these tools do not exist. It has been impossible to take a systematic approach to become more competitive. It is our job to create these tools." AM¹s Seal of Excellence will recognize top operations at a special event during the IMTS show. CLICK HERE to participate! Advertisement

­ a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers and EDM machines ­ has announced a new series of online Webinars. Designed for shops of all types and sizes, the seminars are free to anyone who registers. The planned seminars are intended for shops in the automotive, aerospace, medical product and die and mold industries. In addition to metal cutting and die/mold, the seminars will cover new technologies, such as micromachining. Mark Rentschler, marketing manager, says, "Online seminars allow anyone with an Internet connection to attend without losing a day of work." The seminars concentrate on shop efficiency, lean manufacturing, asset utilization, machine tool integration and automation, machine tool technologies, and metal cutting processes. Makino's application engineers, product managers and guest speakers will give presentations. Click herefor more info on upcoming seminars and registration information. Edition Feature Using coolant and the correct spindle speed and feed rate are the keys to drilling a hole successfully and without breaking the drill in the workpiece. Coolant is the primary ingredient factor both for flushing chips and for lubricating the cutting tip. Read the details on the three vital essentials for drilling... Read more! Current Articles Once the basics are under your belt, there are several other techniques and fundamentals that the successful machinist must keep in mind when making holes. Read more! Broken drill bits are a problem that every machinist will face. Tips on how to remove broken center tips from workpieces, using grinding and other drills. Read more! You have to do the math to find the correct diameter and to relate the drill diameter for the tap needed for a specific hole. The formula for finding the right tap and drill diameters. Read more! Because many small drill bits vary in sizes by the thousandths, keeping track of drill sizes is always a challenge. A micrometer helps to size drills, but a holder can keep the tools separate and available. Read more! When a hole is too deep to drill with standard-length tools, an extension can be made from a drill rod. Read more! Solid carbide drills can be used to increase productivity while using low cutting forces and providing good chip control on hard and nonferrous materials. These drills have special resistance to handle those materials and provide good chip evacuation. Read more! Sandvik Coromant ( ) says its CoroDrill 88 U-drills have shaped center inserts with step technology. The company says those features facilitate smooth entrance into workpieces and balance cutting forces so that feedrates can be doubled. Read more! Auto-feed drilling can produce better accuracies and surface finishes than manual feed drilling. Read more!Online Product DemonstrationIf you are considering a shop management and control solution, take a close look at the industry leader: JobBOSS. Click hereto view a FREE 10-minute audio overview or interactive demo. If you have any questions, you can speak with a JobBOSS representative at 800-777-4334. Tech Zone of the MonthQUALITY ASSURANCE Learn more
Testing system leaks vital part informationMillennium Industries, a Michigan-based automotive fuelrail-manifold manufacturing company wanted immediate feedback... Read more! features category-specific sections called Tech Zones, that include articles, products, supplier information, and more organized by key topics.EventsUnderstanding Costing and Pricing Manufactured Products Seminar February 23, 2006 Cincinnati, OH Click Here for more information. Hard Milling Solutions March 9, 2006 Webinar with Q&A sponsored by Makino Click Here to register or for more information. Basic Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing March 4, 2006 and March 11, 2006 Park Ridge, IL Click Here to register or for more information.
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