1/19/2012 - Turning and Hobbing on One Machine

Jan. 19, 2012
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Offshoring vs. Reshoring – Which Is Less Costly?

In the past, it was easy to say that offshoring was the way to better margins through dramatically reduced costs – but is that true anymore? Check out this on-demand American Machinist webinar to get the real scoop on which route is less costly for you – offshoring or reshoring. Get details on hidden risks and costs associated with either so that no matter which direction you choose, your company will be best positioned for future growth. Get access now – free!
Set the Standard. Then, Surpass It
Mercury Marine is turning and hobbing on the same machine, thanks to advanced technology and innovative engineering that help it to maintain its standards for efficiency and finished product quality. Read the full story here

Mastercam’s X6 Has “Significant New Capabilities”
CNC Software indicated the new release of its core CAD/CAM platform introduces several capabilities, including a machining stock model that supports precision machining with capabilities like viewing and verifying work as it progresses, performing stock model comparisons, and simplifying the selection of existing stock for rest machining. Read the full story here

New Vertical Center for Small, Complex Parts
Mazak is introducing a vertical machine center for space-saving high-speed, 5-axis production, a unit it indicated matches lean manufacturing priorities in the medical supply chain. It said the Vertical Center Nexus Compact is targeted at machine shops and OEMs in that segment that produce “small, highly complex medical parts,” and need production systems capable of fast cycle times and superior surface finishes. Read the full story here

Seamless Integration of Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection
PAS Technology, a developer of CMM programs, is reaching into the emerging dimension of IT known as lifecycle management. Its new PAS Inspection Lifecycle Management Suite lets manufacturers (like machine shops) establish an automated inspection process from a CAD model through to the inspection results. Read the full story here

Kennametal Buying Deloro Stellite in Market-Expanding Move
The cutting tool developer said the $290-million acquisition aligns with its growth strategy and positions it to achieve geographic and end-market balance. Chairman Carlos Cardoso said, "the addition of this world-class surface technology and materials science expertise will enhance the range of productivity solutions provided to our customers in extreme wear environments." Read the full story here

Your purchasing decisions just got easier!The redesigned American Machinist Online Buyers' Guide is intuitive, feature-rich and interactive. This exceptional reference tool provides a vital link between independent machine shops and vendor partners designed for the way your business leverages the Internet. With this fundamental directory you can easily search machine tool builders and distributors, providers of cutting tools, workholding & fixturing solutions, software, automation and robotics, controls, quality & measurement systems, and so much more. Click to start searching the directory.If your company is not listed in the American Machinist Buyer's guide or you need to make a change, please contact Kathy Savage at [email protected] or (205) 669-7161.
Wireless Sensing for CNC Machining Webinar: Control Your Operations
Join Electrochem for an in-depth look into Wireless Sensing for CNC Machining Operations via webcast on Wednesday, January 25th @ 12:00pm EST.
Hydraulic clamping pressure fluctuations throughout a machining process can result in severely damaged equipment – increasing maintenance costs, downtime, recalls, and more - all of which decrease overall productivity and profitability. Wireless sensing gives machine operators greater control by providing solutions to these problems. Join in the discussion on industry issues and innovative solutions.

This webinar will provide knowledge on:
• Eliminating frequent challenges faced by CNC operators through the use of wireless sensing solutions
• Understanding wireless sensing system components that comply with CNC environments
• Accomplishing real-time diagnostic monitoring and automation via “lights out” manufacturing
• Analyzing ROI possibilities related to daily operational costs and labor expenses • Comprehending system configuration, integration and deployment that meet CNC market needs.

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