Nontraditional training could boost the bottom line

Oct. 27, 2006

When a slow down in the manufacturing sector is coupled with competitive pressures such as offshore manufacturing and hiring, companies can easily lose sight of the critical role that employees play in overall company success, says HPWP Consulting LLC, a training and organizational development firm. Instead of traditional methods of leadership training, the firm believes that creating a high-performance workplace hinges on training that teaches skills more aligned with basic human values such as respect, teamwork and trust.
Being competitive in the marketplace often depends on basic people factors such as enthusiasm, active participation and initiative of employees, instead of focusing on disciplinary rules and patented secrets of some great leader, says HPWP. In its Performance Leadership Workshops, the firm shows how to nurture the type of passion and innovation that yields steady profitable results.
According to Bob Grizzard, president of Southeastern Mills Inc. and recent graduate of HPWP's workshop, the transition to the high-performance culture contributed to a notable decrease in turnover and a significant improvement in productivity. Also, the company realized about a 70 percent reduction in waste due to employee involvement, says Grizzard.
HPWP will be presenting its nontraditional philosophy for creating high-performance workplaces in public workshops held in the Chicago area during December 2006 through April 2007. For more information visit (