Weekly Update 10/25/2007

Oct. 26, 2007
October 25, 2007 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Keyence Keyence Laser Marking Handbook Covers Technology and Applications A detailed laser marking guide from Keyence describes and illustrates marking principles and operation of Keyence air-cooled YAG ...
October 25, 2007

Keyence Laser Marking Handbook Covers Technology and Applications A detailed laser marking guide from Keyence describes and illustrates marking principles and operation of Keyence air-cooled YAG and CO2 Laser Marking Systems. The Guide explains differences between the two types of markers and material marking considerations for high-density plastics, composites, metals and ceramics. Safety measures and installation tips are included. Download handbook.
Tooling News
Brawny Milling Cutters Get Small The original role for tangential milling was to improve tool life on big jobs such as hogging wide-area flats on large automotive castings and steel parts. Until recently, small-diameter tangential-milling cutters were not available that could out-perform conventional cutters because limitations in the technology of insert manufacturing did not allow for the special geometries and clearance angles necessary. Now, with freer cutting insert geometries and smaller cutter diameters, tangential milling is emerging as a solution for faster metal removal with lower cutting forces, even on low-power machines.How Long Will Toolholders Last? Although predicting the service life of toolholders is extremely difficult, understanding and avoiding the factors that shorten their life can maximize their life spans. Because the positioning of tools is a function of the fit between the toolholder and the spindle, positioning tools accurately on machining centers is a process that has a tendency to break down. Dirt, chips and wear will begin to affect this connection over time. Also, different types of toolholders react differently to cutting forces so frequent inspection is important.Sandvik Coromant Displayed Technology Advances At EMO and Beyond New techniques and technologies to cut difficult aerospace materials include a hockey-stick-shaped insert designed to meet the demand of cutting the hard alloys. Also, process engineers are looking at processes such as multiple-slice machining methods as techniques to cut difficult aerospace materials. No-Squeeze Workholding Many shops have problems holding delicate or thin-walled parts that distort when clamped by conventional workholding devices, or parts that are deformed in their free state but must be machined true. Innovative clamping and magnetic workholding techniques that do not squeeze and deform a part while conforming to the part's free-state can be the answer.
Epicor Webinar
EPICOR November 7, 2007 Webinar: Integrating Manufacturing & Business Data for Competitive Advantage Tune in to this webinar to learn how integrating manufacturing and business data can help your organization run more efficiently. You’ll see examples of the success other manufacturers are having utilizing an integrated approach to data while becoming a leaner organization. If you’re a manufacturer using several systems and applications to manage your business, this is a webinar you don’t want to miss.

American Machinist Machine Shop Workshop 2007
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