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April 3, 2008
April 3, 2008         American Machinist's OEM News   American Machinist launched this newsletter to ...

April 3, 2008

American Machinist's OEM News

American Machinist launched this newsletter to give our readers a focused view of what the largest manufacturers in the United States are doing, and alert you to programs, projects and issues that you might participate in or need to be aware of for the continued health of your business.

AM OEM News assembles the communications issued by OEMs, sifts through them, and delivers them to your computer so you'll know what's happening in your market and related industries.

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WOW Project #102 Exact JobBOSS Empowers General Metal Works Issue: Sales are declining and competitors are cutting into our business.

Vision: Implement lean and invest in cuttingedge machines and technology to reposition the company.

Results: Sales volume doubled, finished goods inventory was reduced 800%, lead times and set up times were cut in half, achieved ISO certification.


General Dynamics Gets $159 Million in Contracts for Abrams Tank Work

General Dynamics Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics has won two contracts totaling $159 million for work associated with the Abrams main battle tank. Read More

Fiat Considers Manufacturing Alfa Romeo in the U.S.

Italian auto manufacturer Fiat Spa is talking to Detroit automakers about starting production of its Alfa Romeo model in the U.S. by 2011 according to a statement by Fiat’s chief executive Sergio Marchionne. Machionni said that the weak U.S. dollar is a major factor in attracting European companies to manufacture in the U.S.
Fiat is also planning to re-introduce its Iveco truck line in the U.S. Read More

Toyota Establishes Research Institute In North America

Toyota Technical Center, a division of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc., has established the Toyota Research Institute of North America.
Toyota said it plans to spend $100 million during the next four years on advanced research activity in North America and will utilize existing facility space at its research campus at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Mich. Read More

Boeing and Orion Propulsion To Work Together On Next-Generation Rocket

The Boeing Company and Orion Propulsion Inc. have agreed to work together on NASA's Ares I rocket that will transport astronauts into space after the space shuttle retires. The agreement was signed today at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama as the first of NASA's Mentor-Protege agreements for 2008 to support a major NASA contract. Read More

3M Acquires Aearo Technologies Inc

3M has completed its acquisition of Aearo Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of personal protection and energy absorbing products.
3M said Aearo provides a broad platform for accelerated growth, and will expand its occupational health and environmental safety platform by adding hearing protection as well as eyewear and fall protection product lines to 3M’s existing full-line of respiratory products. This acquisition enables 3M to provide industrial, military and construction customers as well as consumers with a more complete personal protection product offering. Read More


3rd Annual Benchmarketing Survey

American Machinist is conducting its 3rd annual Benchmarking Survey, providing the industry with the largest body of performance benchmark data available on machine shop operations. Key findings from the study will be reported in the magazine and American throughout the year, and the results will enable managers, like you, to compare your facilities to industry norms and gain a competitive edge in today's challenging business environment.

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