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Weekly Update 02/21/2008

Feb. 22, 2008
February 21, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Sponsored By IMTS Reduce Manufacturing Costs IMTS 2008 can help reduce your manufacturing costs. You'll see ...
February 21, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR
Sponsored By IMTS
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In-House CNC Tool Grinding Can Work For You
There are several reasons that shops should consider CNC tool grinding, including that it provides the ability to produce high-quality, long-lasting tools and allows for flexibility and control of the process while saving a ton of money. But, because in-house tool grinding is not part of shop's core competency, careful analysis is necessary to be sure in-house grinding can be justified.
Superabrasive Wheels For External O.D. Grinding
In the past, many manufacturers were wary of upgrading to superabrasives for their external grinding applications due to the relatively high cost of these products as compared with their conventional counterparts. Manufacturers who considered but rejected the idea of using superabrasive wheels in the past for external O.D. grinding now have good reason to reconsider. One manufacturer's early focus on small internal grinding wheels made it necessary for the company to pay close attention to the consistency and quality of superabrasive materials and bonding system performance. Now this expertise has been transferred to large wheels, and users are experiencing quantifiable cost/ performance advantages not only versus conventional wheels but also competitive superabrasive products. Users are reporting 20 percent faster cycle times and/or cost per part reductions to 30 percent.
Low-Foaming Coolant
If coolant foaming is a problem, check out this recently introduced universal synthetic machining coolant. It is designed for a range of applications including grinding, sawing, tapping, drilling, turning and milling. Not only is the fluid low foaming with a high level of lubricity, but it also provides a high level of rust protection.
New Disc-Milling Inserts
Two new inserts have been added to a family of disc milling products for a variety of slotting, facing, circular interpolation, and circlip grooving applications in any material. Both have up to four cutting edges per insert and offer wiper flats for applications requiring a high-quality surface finish.
Vibration Damping Toolholders
A new line of toolholders are for rough milling applications and provide for easy operation, good vibration dampening characteristics, and an attractive cost-performance ratio. Due to the high radial stiffness and vibration dampening characteristics of the toolholders, the surface quality of workpieces is improved while noise is reduced. Less vibration of the cutting tool means increased tool life and protection of the machine spindle resulting in workpiece finishes without chatter marks.
Hot Products
Sponsored by ATI
ATI Industrial Automation has released VersaFinishTM, an Axially-Compliant Finishing Tool suitable for a multitude of robotic and automated material finishing operations. VersaFinish is a robust, low-speed, high-torque air tool with an axially-floating spindle that uses many types of media including, abrasive and wire brushes, sanding disks, polishing points, chamfering tools and more.

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